The Clay County Fair is going on this week. There's lots of fun to be had out at the fairgrounds, and lots of fair food to be eaten. Tonight one of my all time favorite artists performed, Marty Stuart. I've loved his music for years. This man can play most anything with strings and he can sing. A lethal combination in my book. Not to mention he is an ardent collector of Country music artifacts, can write and has been know to take a good photograph or two.

So this afternoon I "talked" my friend Kim into meeting me and mom and going to the concert at the fair. It was worth the price of admission! Here's a few pictures.First a little Marty by himself.

Then the whole band. Well it is hard to see the drummer here, but look at the picture above and you'll be able to see him. All of these guys are talented, and all can sing. Tonight there was everything from some rocking bluegrass, Marty played that by himself...just him and his mandolin and it was amazing...then there was some old time country, some gospel and some rock-a-billy. As usual a little something for everyone.

Oh, and as for fair food. Kim managed to find her a corn dog and mom and I shared a funnel cake. Life is good.
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  1. Hey I had a wonderful time! I sm so happy you "talked" me into coming with you!!!

    MMm it was a good corny dog too!!!

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