I don't know how many of you enjoy these questions and answers, but sometimes I find them interesting reading. Oh, and it gives me something to blog about without thinking, an extra bonus some weeks.
What is the most complicated piece you've ever completed?

The most complicated piece I ever worked on may have been Rae Iverson's Things That Go Bump in the Night Etui. There are some very interesting stitches on this piece as a whole and I have to say I loved working on it. I also have to admit that I didn't put it together. I was too scared. I had my DF Vicky B. do that, and she did an amazing job.

That's all 4 sides. The top has a little needlework and the bottom I stitched my name, the date I actually finished and where I lived at the time. Each of the bugs has different stitches to create their bodies. It really is the coolest piece I think I've ever done.

The most complicated finishing piece I did was last year. The stitching wasn't particularly hard, but the finishing about kicked both myself and DF Heather.
All Year Squared, or as we called it "cubie", was not the easiest thing to put together. Mainly because it's so very small. Very small. But we managed and I felt a sense of accomplishment.

Perhaps the most difficult item was not a single item, but a series of items I stitched with 3 other very special ladies. DF's Heather, Jill and Judy joined me in stitching a total of 4 samplers in a round robin fashion. We each started our samplers, and then the others had 2 different opportunites to stitch bands on them before they returned home. Since all of us, except for Jill and I who had worked together, met through Rae Iverson's classes, we decided to use motifs from her many designs to create our bands. You could also include something you'd designed on your own, but only DF Heather and I tried our hands at that. The hard part was deciding what went best with each of the different samplers. Each one came out so differently. Heather was kind enough to keep track of everything on her personal site and you can see our masterpieces in all their glory here. This is also my most prized piece of needlework. A few years ago we got a call that we had to evacuate due to a forest fire that was near our house. We had 30 minutes to gather what we wanted to take with us and pack it in our vehicles and get out. There were 2 things I grabbed off the walls, the last picture take of my maternal grandfather when we went into the Navy in WW2 and my Friends RR. In fact, those were the first two things I put in my truck. Interesting what we realize is important to us when we're forced to choose. I figured all the rest could be restitched, but this piece couldn't. It is as special to me as the women who helped to create it. I don't live near any of them anymore, but it is a daily reminder of their friendship.

This weekend I had some fun times and managed to stitch a little. Pictures soon.
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6 Responses
  1. Heather Says:

    I think your list looks remarkably like mine! =) And I agree with you...the friends RR is one of the first things I'd grab. That would have been the worst thing to lose if the tornado had actually hit us!!!

  2. For the record.... the cubie assembly process is like sausage... something you don't want to witness being made... :)

  3. Jill Says:

    Ah....you're making me cry! I love you guys too! And I have to agree with the "Bug Box"...the stitching wasn't so bad but that finishing kicked my butt up and down I-75!

  4. Karoline Says:

    They're all stunning Teresa, especially the samplers

  5. Sally Says:

    Both of these pieces are gorgeous.

  6. Concetta Says:

    Oh my goodness, your "Things That Go Bump in the Night" Etui is simply stunning! Love love love!

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