This week's question is....

What items do you consider essential to your needlework that you keep
in your stitching bag?

Interesting question. I always have a pair of good embroidery scissors, with nice sharp points in case I'm doing cut work. Also a package of my favorite needles, gold John James petites, probably size 26 or 28. I also normally have a long beeding needle, just in case I want to add a little sparkle to something. I also usually have a laying tool that fits on my thumb. Last, I try to have one of my small tape measurer's in my case. I consider those the essentials. If I'm going to a class or traveling, I might add in some extra needles of different sizes as well as some ivory Nymo beading thread, oh and sometimes my lucky buckeye I got in class one time. Pretty much, that covers the things I have to have. Unless you count my cheater glasses if I think I'm going to be wearing my contacts when I want to stitch.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll have a picture of what I've accomplished on Misty Morning Vineyard (Martina Weber) since I started working on it last week. My goal is to give you a picture when I finished the arbor I've been working on. Truly I'm such a slow stitcher. I know a whole boatload of stitchers who would have been almost finished with the whole thing in the time it's taken me to do this arbor. In my defense, I was working on it while I wasn't feeling to great and I was clipping right along when I realized that I had totally misread part of the chart and had to "frog" a bunch of leaves. However that may be what I get for trying to stitch while watching Dancing With The Stars. Really, how can you count when you're faced with the proof that there must be a "shirt crisis" in L.A.? Not 1 but 2 men couldn't find a shirt to wear? Clearly, there is a shortage of shirts in that fair city. Wouldn't you have miscounted?
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  1. Heather Says:

    Poor LA. Should we send them some shirts? I guess only if we send some pants for Edyta as well...

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