You would think that the weekend would be the perfect time to really dive into the spirit of this month's theme. For me, not so much. At least not this weekend. I blame it on the time change. Seriously, it totally messes with my brain. So, what did I manage to get accomplished? Very little.

Saturday after dinner mom and I decided to take a quick trip to the new "big box craft store" that opened last week near us. This is a new store for me, not one of the 2 I normally run to for things I need like glue sticks and flowers and such. I'm not sure how impressed I am. I have a couple of friends who rave about this store/chain. Either they really downsized for us, or I'm missing something. Sure it's got TONS of stuff for scrap booking, and if I actually tried to finish a couple of mine that would be very nice, but otherwise, I wasn't impressed. I did score some stripped cotton yarn for DF Jean that she's been looking for and bought a skein of solid for something I wanted to make. Otherwise, nothing. Maybe I need to go again and see if that changes things for me.

Speaking of the solid cotton yarn, I got it to make a surprise for my cousin Kathy. She had to have some surgery a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to make her something. She, like the aforementioned Jean, is a big Dale Jr. fan. Now, if you know nothing about NASCAR I'm going to loose you, but just skip down if you're bored. Jean, made me a very nice washcloth with a 99 on it for my favorite driver, Carl Edwards. I love it! So I thought I'd make an 88 for Kathy. Found a great green in honor of Jr. driving the National Guard car and set to work. The pattern is easy, but I may make some changes when I make another one, which I'll have to do since if I don't make one of my uncle with his favorite driver's number there may be rioting in WV. I would like it to be fully reversible so I'm going to see if I can't make that happen. Otherwise, the patterns are wonderful! If your interested go here and find your favorite drivers numbers, only Sprint Cup series are available and if your's isn't there yet, keep checking she's working on all of them. Haven't taken a picture yet, but I will soon and will post it.

Sunday I started working on another square for the VJ afghan project. I just knew I had it going. Easy 4 row pattern, figured out the math for the repeat on sleep deprived brain, all was good. I even managed to cook a fantastic, if I do say so myself, dinner of roasted chicken and orzo rice dressing (tres yummy!). All was good until I sat back down after dinner and started looking at my square and thought that it looked larger then the previous. I was right, by about 1-1 1/2"! Ripped it out and will have to restart it. That was it, I couldn't think any longer.

I still haven't cast on for my 2nd I Dreamed of Africa sock. I'm not sure if I can manage that in the Dr. office. May take something I'm already working on for that little trip.
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