According to my "Getting in Touch with Your Inner B*tch" calendar that's what today is all about. Not sure what I'll do where I can say that today since Wednesdays are always so busy for me, but I'm putting it out there for the rest of you. Why not just do something crazy, like hop on a plane or buy a ticket to hop on a plane to go somewhere amazing that you've always wanted to go. I'm actually planning on saving this day for Friday. I plan on spending it at my favorite LYS working on my sweater that I can't seem to get done. I'm hoping that a full day of knitting on it and not working on other things will get it, if not completely finished, at least very close.

A few updates, and even a picture or two.

The gift for my cousin Kathy...I'm such a goof lately. I actually took the picture with the dishcloth upside down. So if you stand on your head and look at your monitor you'll see it the right way. Or, you can just imagine. The color looks gray/blue, but it's actually green, like National Guard green. So strange. If you are a NASCAR fan, and you knit, or know someone who does, head over to Woodhill Design Knits and find your favorite driver's number and knit you up one of these. I finished this in a night and it takes a single ball of cotton yarn, or less.

Monday I decided to work on this...It's a nice large count fabric and pretty over dyed fibers. Perfect to take with me to Mom's doctor appointment. Unfortunately her appointment lasted all of 4 minutes. But I decided to keep working on it that evening after I got home from my class. I accomplished a little more and realized I was missing a button from the button pack. Here's what it looked like after my "day" of stitching on it, which is about 1 1/2 hours.There are these adorable buttons that attach to this from Just Another Button Company and in working on it I realized I was missing a pink tulip. So Tuesday I called them and a very nice woman helped me and is sending me my missing button from the packet I bought. Love it when customer service is great like that. No questions, just figured out what was missing, took my address and said she'd put it in the mail to me. Let me just say I won't hesitate to purchase more of their products. Oh, the pattern is from Shepherd's Bush and I bought it at least a year ago, if not more. I need to get one more fiber that I don't have so I can really finish this one. I think it's adorable for spring.

Yesterday I worked on one of my older samplers. I've mentioned before that I have a lot of WIPs, I mean A LOT! This is one that's probably one of the oldest and I really love the colors and the saying. I managed to get a fair amount done. I may pull a Heather and work on it again this month after I've worked on something "new" that day. It's very close to completion. Here's how it looked before I began...
Once I get a picture I'll show you what it looked like after I spent the evening stitching on it.

I really do love this month's theme. I like working on one thing for a day and then moving on to something else. Plus I can see some progress, so that helps some too.
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  1. Heather Says:

    Oh my gosh!! That sampler is just gorgeous!! I can't wait to see your update.

    I think your camera must be possessed.

  2. Jill Says:

    I agree with Heather's comment - how can that possibly be green?

    And I must seriously be tired, b/c I couldn't figure out what the SB design said until the 2nd picture...kept saying "Strin?, Strun??"

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