...of why I haven't posted. My father had to go into the hospital last week to have some blood transfusions and then to find out why he needed them to begin with. His transfusions did well and the first of the procedures found some areas where blood may have been "oozing" over the last several month. (That being the very medical term the doctors kept using.) They did "fix" those spots and then in a couple of weeks he may have another procedure, a capsule endoscopy, to see if there are more in the small intestines. Right now we're just glad he's feeling more himself and is home.

Needless to say, several days spent at the hospital waiting around has some rewards. I worked mainly on the Noro bag, and I've got it ready to put together. Now I have to find some material to make the lining and get that cut and put together. Oh, and I have to decide if I'm going to finish the handles they way they do in the book. But for all intents and purposes, the knitting is done.

I also worked on the Monkey socks. In fact, I realized that somewhere along the line I'd dropped 2 stitches and they had traveled down to a point that I couldn't retrieve them and fix things. So, in frustration I just ripped the whole thing out and started the second sock over. I'm almost done with the second repeat, so it's coming along fairly quickly.

I would have worked on the cable bag (don't think I've posted about this one yet), but realized I didn't have a cable needle with me, nor did I have a dpn that I could use. Oh well, all in good time.

I also managed to come up with an idea for the bag competition at KnitWitz. I am going to have to check on something though to make sure I stay within the rules. I hope I can do what I'm thinking of, but if not, I'll adjust the idea.

I'm still not caught up on rest so I'm off to sit around and relax some more. Maybe even knit!
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  1. Jean Says:

    Happy to see you home and blogging again. Glad that your dad's feeling better!

  2. rincaro Says:

    I'll keep your father in my prayers!

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