What a week! The weather finally changed and got hot, which means business started to pick up considerably. That also means I've had no spare time during the day to post much. Not to mention we got company last night, in the form of my Uncle Max and Aunt Jan, who were headed back to MI from their house down in Melbourne, FL . Summer in MI for them, although they may be headed into some decidedly non-summer-like weather. But their visit meant a massive house cleaning job had to be accomplished. That just takes way to much of my precious stitching and knitting time!

On to the important stuff...In the Year of Stitching, April is Wrap-Up month. A month to do finishing on smalls, ornaments or finish items that are close to being stitched, or knitted. I have a couple of smalls that I want to do the finishing on this month. I'm also working on the Moss Creek Winter Garden Gate, trying to finish it. The other item I think I'll try to finish is the biscornu I started. If I can get it stitched AND finished, that would be amazing!

That's it so far. The picture isn't great, but I love the way it's coming out.

Well, I might have a bit of time to stitch if I stop writing and head out of my office. Then maybe I'd have something to actually blog about!
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