My favorite LYS, KnitWitz, is having a Bag Challange Contest. It looks like a lot of fun and I think I'll just have to participate. There are 2 catagories, bags from published patterns and bags from your own design. I'm thinking of attempting my own design. Crazy talk I know! I have a few ideas, but nothing concrete. There is a priviso that you have to use Lamb's Pride worsted silver gray (or grey if you are English or spell the way I do) and at least one other color of Lamb's Pride. You can also use a "wild card yarn". The contest doesn't start until May 1st, so I have time to plot, I mean scheme, I mean plan....yeah, plan.

In other knitting news. I have a Hogwarts Sock Pal to send things too, as well as one to send things to me. (waving to both!) I really thought I'd been so smart and set up a new email that wouldn't give me away, and what happened, somehow the gmail muggles messed things up and put my actual name in the From. (ok, so I could have been a bit more careful and made sure my name didn't appear, but I was sure I did everything right....sigh..) But I'm excited and have decided what pattern I'm going to use for my pals socks and even the yarn. I think she'll like them. Now to work on the stitch markers. Along with my other crafts I bead, so I'll be digging into my stash and looking to see if I have something to work with. If not, I'll just HAVE to go bead shopping!

Tonight is UFO stitching night. I'm not sure exactly what I'll work on. I should work on Winter Garden Gate, really I should. But I'm just not feeling it. Who know, maybe when I sit down, pick up a needle, it will call. I'll let you know.

But for now, it's time to fix some dinner so I can stitch!
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  1. Rebecca Says:

    Sounds like you have a PLAN, girl! I hope you have lots of fun with this swap!

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