April is supposed to be a month where you finish things, stitching, knitting, whatever in the craft line. So far, I've finished one thing, the stitching for the waxer pocket for "BugBox". I've got a couple of things very close to being finished, in fact two of my ornaments for the exchange I'm in are stitched and just waiting for things like beads or buttons to be put on.

In fact, last night I finished the stitching on the second of 4 ornaments I'm stitching for the exchange. The Bird's Carol by Praiseworthy Stitches (as seen above). It didn't take long at all to stitch up, so that was nice. Now to find the beads and then get the materials all kitted up.

After I blogged about UFO Thursday Rebecca said she didn't know there was a day for UFO's. Well, I'm not sure that it's universal or anything, but some of us on the Legacy Board (ezBoard) wo are trying to work on reducing the number of UFO's we have, decided that this year we'd declare Thursdays as UFO stitching day, then on the second weekend of the month it's UFO stitching the whole weekend. I finished a sampler so far, and am working on another, ok more then one other, on UFO days. I like the idea of having a day set aside to stitch on something that has been languishing in my pile of goodies. Anyone can join the fun, there aren't really any rules, except you are supposed to work on a UFO in your stash during those times if you are stitching. Of course, that leaves you 6 other days to start new things!

On top of the Legacy/UFO stitching Thrusdays, my friend Heather and I came up with a theme for each month. April is "Wrap it Up", meaning your goal is to wrap up work on some projects. Hence my desire to finish some things. For me finishing, really finishing, is the hardest part. I've got a stack of items to work on, but haven't and here it is with only 5 more days left in the month. Maybe I'll get some done, maybe I won't. Stay tuned and see.
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