Wow, already Monday again. The weekends seem to go faster and faster. I think that's especially true when I don't manage to get any stitching or knitting done. Not that I didn't actually try, just didn't actually accomplish anything.

I did try to knit on the Noro purse, but today, when I picked it up while waiting with my mother in the doctor's office, I noticed I'd made a mistake. I'm not sure exactly when I made it, but I'd guess it was Friday night when I worked on it for an hour. I tried to just drop the stitches and fix it, but it's not working. I see a bit of "tink" stitch coming....like 5 rows of it! BLAH!!!

Oh well, that's part of making something with your hands, sometimes you have to re-do so you're happy with the results.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. Ours was nice, if a bit cold and windy. Today we finally have gotten some much needed rain. I hope they are right when they say tomorrow is an 80% chance of the wet stuff. We are so in need of rain, or soon we'll be worrying about fires.

I received a wonderful early birthday present on Friday. My dear friend Jean, a fellow member of the "Stitch Queens", sent me a gift subscription to Martina's new "A Tuscany Town Mandala"! I've been admiring it since she posted pictures on ezboard. We were in Italy when I was little, but not in Tuscany, but I love the archetecture and the colors of that area. Not to mention it's on my list of places I want to travel to before I get too old...or something like that. I'm very excited and have already started trying to decide on a fabric. Thankfully there is a wonderful viewer that was created by one of the many people who love Martina's designs. That's helping a lot. I'm leaning toward something that's got some yellow/tan undertones. I like the way it looks on those. The white seems to stark to me and I don't want to totally blind myself by attempting it in anything too dark. I'll keep everyone posted on what I decide to choose.

I think I've rambled enough for one day. Happy Monday to all!
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  1. Jeanne Says:

    Hi Teresa - glad you see you blogging. Your knitted socks are cool and I love your Winter Garden. It was 85 here for Easter but nice and breezy. We are enjoying the last pleasant days before summer hits us in the face with triple digits! :)

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