How is it only Tuesday? Isn't it Friday yet? No really, I feel like I've lived the entire week in two days and to be honest, I'm tired and want a weekend of fun, or at least a day of fun and no work. Which is what I'm planning to have Sat. when I go and stitch with the Sampler Guild at the invitation of my friend Melody and then knit at the Midnight Knit. A day of stitching and knitting, my idea of bliss!

But since it's only Tuesday and since I have to be up at FIVE A.M. in the morning (which I have to say is not a decent hour, in fact it's obscene in my book) to take my mom to have her endoscopy and colonoscopy done, I'm going to make this short. For those who know me, and know me well, shortness in discussions, and by extension e-mails and blogs, is not usually in my vocabulary. I usually can ramble on for hours
on end. But not tonight. Tonight I give you this.
This is the yarn I decided on for my upcoming socks...I Dreamed of Africa by The ChickWithSticks. I just love the look of that sock, but I don't really wear that much orange, it's just not my color. So I was looking for something that made me think of Africa while being the colors I would wear. This is my answer, it's Schaefer Anne, but I don't know what color because none of them had color names on the tags. I probably won't get to start on them any time really soon, but you never know. I have worked on #2 of the Monkey Socks and have 2 repeats in. Since I only did 4 on the 1st one, I may be done sooner then I think. I'm planning on taking that sock with me to work on while I wait for Mom to be done with her tests. Given that these things usually take longer then you plan for, I may even finish!

I do want to send out my thoughts to those who are part of the VA Tech community. One of my cousins attended VT while I was at FSU and I got to visit with him there once. It's a beautiful place, with wonderful people. This 'Nole sends her thoughts and prayers out to not only the Hokies I know, but those I don't. May you find peace in a time of terrible sadness.
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