Why is it that things show up in the strangest places, but when you really think about it, they aren't really strange places, they make perfect sense? (Are you lost yet? Stay with me here, I really do have something to tell.)

So, before I left to go to Atlanta last month, I wanted to scan some pictures I brought home from my aunt's house. Pictures that came from my great-uncle Paul. Some were of Uncle Paul when he served in the military, others weren't, but all were interesting to me for various reasons. Unfortunately I put a picture on the scanner bed and pulled up my scanning software and received this nasty message that the scanner didn't exist. (or something along those lines.) Now, I know the scanner exists. I can see the scanner. I can touch the scanner. I can even unplug the scanner. But for some reason my computer didn't think my scanner existed. So, I tried to make the computer go find the scanner. (Yeah, there are technical terms for this, but seriously, I'm only semi-technical and this is the way I talk about these things, so for those of you who are technical, well, substitute the correct terminology.) The computer went looking for the scanner and came back and told me the scanner wasn't there. So, I checked all the cables and the plugs and tried again. Thinking hey, something might have come unplugged. Still, no scanner as far as the computer is concerned. By this point I had run out of time to deal with the problem. When I got home, I thought about it and decided to uninstall the scanner software and act like I'd just brought it home and plugged it in, see if that would work. So I went and found my CD-ROM for the scanner software and then something happened and I had to quit working on the project. Fast forward to last week. I had some time on my hands and I wanted to use the scanner, so of course it dawned on me I had to uninstall the scanner software, reinstall it and hope for the best. I proceeded to uninstall the software and then went looking for the CD-ROM...you guessed it, I couldn't find it. I hunted on my desk. I even cleared papers off my desk. I looked around on the floor. I went looking where I keep my software disks....NO DISK! I was stunned. I knew I'd had it at some point in this whole process, but for the life of me couldn't figure out where.

This evening I finally finished listening to a book on tape that I'd downloaded to my MP3 player and I wanted to load a new book on. (I like to listen while I'm stitching or knitting sometimes.) So, I came to my computer, hit the button to open the CD drive and low and behold, yep, there sat the scanning software disk I'd hunted for! See what I mean. It makes perfect sense for it to be there, but when I was looking I never thought about it being there.

So, here's hoping that when I reload the software the scanner starts working again, because I really don't want to buy a new one, but I'll have to if I can't get it to work.

In other news...sorry, still no pictures. I promise I'll take them soon. I've been working on the Eliza tank top and I think I've got about 6 inches of the front done! So far so good with the yarn. On the stitching front I've been working on a little secret project. It's coming along quite nicely. Reindeer Ornament is progressing as well. I sat down this evening with some knitting and will probably knit a while longer. I picked up the Print O' the Waves Stole I've been working on forever. I am on the last repeat of the 1st half! So, I'm planning on getting that finished tonight and seeing about starting on the other half. Then I may switch to some stitching. I heard Halloween Fairy calling my name so I think I'll bring her out and work on her a bit. Would be nice to get a chunk of her finished. (I know...pictures! Yeah, yeah, they're coming!)
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  1. Heather Says:

    LOL!!! When you were talking about searching for the CDROM, I was thinking, "Did you check in the drive?" =)

    Oooo, secret stitching project....

  2. Ok, your story totally makes me feel better about putting the phone down in places and not being able to find it, although it's right in front of me.....

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