I know, no pictures, how boring, but hopefully soon.

Last weekend was great! I went Friday afternoon to pick up some things at the CPA's office and since I had to get there before they closed I decided to take my Eliza tank top with me and stop by KnitWitz and have Kathe help me get things figured out so I could finish the back. It seems my brain wouldn't work right. Well she got me on the right track just in time for me to run to the next stop for the evening....

Olde Green Cupboard - They have a gathering once a month they call Friday Night Lights where you can sign up and quilt or stitch or work on whatever. My friends Melody and Kerrie and I decided we'd like some stitching time. So we signed up and met there and stitched from 6 to midnight. Most everyone else had sewing machines and were working on some fantastic quilts and other projects. Very inspiring. I managed to get some time in on "Deer in the Woods" although I'm not sure you can tell I did anything. I also started the "Quaker Reindeer" ornament from Workbasket that was in the 2006 JCS ornament issue. It's my mom's favorite from that book, so I want to get it stitched so I can get it finished and on the tree this year.

Saturday I met up with some friends and did a bit of knitting and watched a movie. I managed to finish the back of Eliza. I started casting on for the front, but had to take it off because I forgot I am doing a stripe down the front and hadn't cast the white on for that.

Sunday was nice. Only one worship service and then a covered dish supper after, kind of a welcome to the new pastor and his family. Good attendance so we may do this again. Would be nice to have only one service every so often. Sunday afternoon I sat and watched the NASCAR race and cast on the elusive front of Elize. By Sunday night I had the 1st 3 inches in. Worked on it again last night and got another 2 or 2 1/2 inches in. I'm excited, it's going along nicely. I really want to get it finished. Then I can cast on for a new sweater that I got the yarn for this week. It's from the Rowan book Coast and is made with 100% cotton yarn. Very soft, very yummy. Can't wait to start.

Keep looking for pictures. I'll try to get some taken soon.
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  1. ah.... so that's why I got the call during the race about the second color in knitting (and thank you again for waiting for a commercial). Sounds like a fun weekend!

  2. Heather Says:

    (chanting) pick-churrs, pick-churrs, pick-churrs...

    Ah, so much more fun than my weekend...6 hours or so of ironing curtains.... At least I got a reprieve to go to a fun b-day party and Christmas in July at the NSLYS! And I even managed to not buy anything...stunning....

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