...or at least it feels that way. I don't have much to say. I've been busy with work, or at least with answering the phone and talking to a lot of people. Not sure how much actual work I accomplished, what with a set of house plans that I picked up yesterday sitting on my desk without me looking at them.

On a more positive note...my dear Heather and her DH closed on their new place today. I'm very happy for them. (Mainly I'm relieved. I was beginning to be scared we'd have to find H. a new head when hers exploded from all the stress.) She also blogged pictures and more information about the HP movie party, so go take a look at It's Geek to Me.

Tomorrow evening I'm looking forward to some major stitching time. I didn't stitch tonight, but I did work on a design for the crochet class I'm teaching in a couple of weeks. I think I've got one design down and will have to decide on the other 2 by Sunday night. I'm hoping to teach something with the basics, but show people how you can get some interesting texture. The class is called "A Trio of Crocheted Washcloths" or something close to that. At the least the participants will hopefully have a couple of nice small gifts for Christmas, which is coming up much sooner then any of us expect. Can't start too soon on gifts you know...how many do you have done?
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  1. Argh! You brought up the "C" word! Must start working... Must start working....

  2. Heather Says:

    Oh, cool, I didn't know you were teaching a crochet class!! I expect copious pictures. =)

    I'm glad my head didn't explode, too!! =)

    And my gift count...would be zero. All I've done is a couple ornaments for the TWBB (Teresa Wentzler Bulletin Board) exchange. I'm supposed to schedule some time with my youngest sister for her to come peruse my bead stash so I can make her jewelry. And I have a bracelet pattern (knitted!) picked out for my nieces, but I have yet to try it!!

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