Let me just say that when it's 99 deg. F (or so) and the Heat Index is topping 110 deg. F that it's stinkin' hot! For those of you who live in more temperate climates, this is the time of year that living in NE Florida really becomes hard to handle. Believe me, it is the humidity that's the killer part.

To distract you from that let me show you a little something I like to call Quaker Reindeer ornament.Isn't it pretty? I think I mentioned before that this was my mom's favorite ornament in last years JCS ornament issue. The cool frame it's in is my favorite frame of all time to stitch with, especially for smalls. It's called a Stitch-Away Frame and I highly recommend them. I've been nothing but happy with mine.

Tonight I'm going to stitch with my friend Melody. We've been trying to do this for ages. We want to try and find a time at least twice a month to get together. Tuesday's seem to work best, so this is our first time. Wish us luck. Not sure how much I'll accomplish. Not even sure what I'll work on. So many things I've been wanting to work on lately. Love the choices!

Sorry Heather, your answer to yesterday's question was incorrect. The right answer is....
Night Blooming Cereus! Yes, it's got another bloom on it! I'm so excited. We think it might open tonight. If it does I'll have more pictures.
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  1. Grant Says:

    Maybe you should quote your temps in degrees Celcius? At least then the numbers won't sound so bad. I mean 43.3 degs C sounds quite nice, doesn't it? LOL

  2. Heather Says:

    Ooo, kewl, another Cereus!! Yeah, it's almost as if I'd never read your blog and saw a Cereus before, right???

    The ornament looks great; I love that one, too. I hope you had fun stitching!!

    And to help you feel better about your 99F...at least you will not be moving Saturday in 99F (yep, it's the same temp here in Hotlanta). =)

  3. Could be worse. You could be in 100+ degrees with a stinkin' cold. *whine*

  4. Jillnole Says:

    It's hot, hot, hot here too....like Heather said. I'm not sure where one might go to escape. But I sure wouldn't mind it as much if I was on the beach sipping a nice cold strawberry margarita!

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