Not only has it been a week, but now I'm going to post without putting any pictures up either. I'm just a terrible blogger. But I have a halfway decent excuse...I've been sick. So sick that I even went to the doctor and got real antibiotics. So, please forgive me for not posting.

I have been somewhat busy while I've been sick though, so expect to see some pretties as soon as I can get the camera and take some pictures. Halloween Fairy is coming along very nicely. She has a face and beginning to even have a wing. Last Thursday night I worked again on Traditional Elegance II. More outlining/blackwork was accomplished. I've also been working on my "surprise" item. It's a very soothing piece to work on and is working up fairly quickly. Well, quicker then I thought it would. Tonight was "ornament Tuesday", so I worked on the Quaker Reindeer again and have only one leg more to do. Should finish next week, if I work on it.

Knitting wise I've been working away on my Eliza Tank. I've got about 5 more inches of the shoulder straps to do, then I can see about putting it together. I've also been working on the sleeves to my Rowan sweater. That's about all the knitting I've done lately.

Some of you might remember I told you about my dad having a procedure done last Thursday. It went very well and the doctor was very pleased. Just have to go back in another week for a check-up, then try and get with is heart doctor to decide what to do about his medication, since that's what they think has caused all the bleeding problems. But for now, things are going well. Thanks for all the good thoughts and prayers.
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  1. Karoline Says:

    I hope you're feeling better soon, glad to hear your Dad is doing OK

  2. Heather Says:

    So sorry to hear you were sick!!

    Now when do we hear about this surprise thing??? You're killing me!! Should I start guessing??

  3. Mindi Says:

    Hope you're feeling better. I took a week off blogging, but don't even really have an excuse, just laziness on my part. Looking forward to seeing a new picture of Halloween Fairy.

  4. Just a week off?? I took about 2 1/2 before I finally got around to posting again. :) Glad you're back in action tho! Looking forward to seeing the pics.

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