I know, it's a song, but still that's the best I could do. Here...look at half of the pretty Print O'the Waves shawl...
See, don't you feel better now that you've seen a picture. Wait there's more. There's even a close-up....Don't you love the pattern? Don't you love the SeaSilk? I know I do. Thankfully so does my mother even though these aren't normally her colors.

So, in the midst of all this prettiness there is sadness at my house. Yes, it's official, the scanner can't be revived and must be replaced. It's not a simple software issue, no, the thing won't even turn on. This has been confirmed by a length chat with "Frank" who was the online HP help desk person I "spoke" to. So, now I'm looking at new scanners. Just what I didn't want to have to purchase. Hopefully I can find what I want for a really good price. Here's hoping.

Getting sad again... here's something to look at...The Halloween Fairy from Mirabillia...
As you can see I'm not working it on the linen it called for. When I got the pattern I had just acquired some very nice pieces of hand-dyed fabric from Silkweavers and I thought she would love gorgeous on the piece called "Frosted Pumpkin". It's 36 ct Edinburgh Linen and the color is this wonderful pumpkin color. I only had to change one thread color to make it work. I changed from Crescent Colours Tangerine to CC Fallen Leaves. I'm very excited with how she's turning out. So excited that I've been stitching on her quite a bit in the last week. This is what she looked like as of last night when I stopped. She'll probably get some more done tonight. I'm anxious to see how her wings are going to look against this linen. Wouldn't it be something if she was finished in time to be given a place of honor this Halloween? Now that would be something special!

One last item of note for knitting. I finished the June washcloth at some point this weekend. I think it was Fri. night actually. It was called Play Ball. This is from the washcloth club at KnitWitz (my favorite LYS). I actually worked it in the same color the mode was completed in (Peaches & Cream cotton "Faded Denim"). I started July's washcloth, so I'm still behind a month. Oh well, I'm making them for gifts so I'm not too upset with being a bit behind.

I leave you with one final picture....
Do you know what that is???? Other then weeds growing? I don't have any prizes to give, but if you know and you're the first to post well you'll have the satisfaction of knowing you're right. Answer tomorrow.
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  1. Heather Says:

    OMGosh! Is that a protea?? I love those things.

    And you know what, I do feel better.

  2. I'm botanically challenged, so I won't guess except to say it's a leafy thing. I'll leave it to The Magic That Is Heather to feel better.

  3. Mindi Says:

    I love how your Halloween Fairy is coming along, the fabric is perfect for it. Your picture reminded me of my poor version I haven't touched in a few weeks.

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