Haven't had a chance to talk about this month's stitching theme. It's fairly easy... "Lazy Days of Summer", which means just work on whatever you want this month. That being said, I've tried to take advantage of the free stitching. I've worked on Halloween Fairy, ornaments, Deer in the Woods, a little something I can't talk about, and a couple of other things that don't come readily to mind.

On Legacy Embroiderers Guild board on ezBoard I try to keep up with the WIP/UFO thread hosted by the lovely CathyC. She's trying to get us back on track and has reminded us that some of us committed to stitching on a UFO on Thursday evenings and one weekend a month. So, in that light I decided to pull something out that I've had for a very long time, Traditional Elegance II.
That's what it looked like before I worked on it last night and watched "Talladega Nights". I haven't taken a picture yet, but I will and will post it this weekend. (BTW, if you don't know anything about NASCAR, I don't think TN would be all that funny.)

I hope to be able to attend at least some of the sampler guild meeting tomorrow. If so, I'll be working on Deer in the Woods. (I've designated that my "guild" piece.) I almost have a full flower in the border complete. When I do, I'll take a picture and post it. I also worked on that Tues. when I met my friend and stitched with her. We had a very nice time. Hopefully we can make a real habit of it, at least twice a month.

The heat continues, so I'm all for trying to stay as cool as possible. Hope everyone else is too.
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