What with being sick and the extremely hot weather, even for FL it's been extreme, I haven't done much posting. I have however, managed to accomplish some stitching and even some knitting. Luckily this month's theme was "Lazy Days of Summer" (a.k.a. work on anything you feel like working on!). That being said I saw it in my mind back 8 months ago as a free-for-all. Not sticking with any one project, you know, total abandonment. Surprisingly that hasn't happened. For some reason I've gotten into this habit of working on a different project each day. Thought I'd take you through my week and show you some updates along the way.

Monday is the day I've worked on my secret project. (No use trying to guess Heather, you'd never guess. No use trying to get me to tell you either, I'm not telling.) As a hint, it's a gift for a friend. Now, wonder which friend is getting something....and no, just because I won't tell H. doesn't mean it's for her. This project will start seeing less time when my Monday night class starts back the week after Labor Day. But I should still manage to get some time in to get it done on time.

Tuesday is still "ornament" day. Lately I've been working on the Quaker Reindeer from the 2006 Just Cross Stitch (JCS) ornament issue. As you can see, only 1 more leg to go, then put it's little bell on and I'm ready to finish this one. I have quite a pile going right now that needs actual finishing into an ornament. That's the part that I don't really like to do, not that I can't, just seems to be not as much fun to me. I will probably find a day soon and do some finishing though, since I have so many ornaments and at least 1 purse that needs to be sewn together and a couple others that just need the handles attached.

Wednesday and Friday I knit. I've gone between the Eliza Tank and the new Rowan sweater Lynton. Last week I had a bit of a problem with Eliza, realized I hadn't read the directions correctly and had to rip back quite a ways and restart. So, I'm back doing the straps and am much happier with it. Not sure why I didn't get a picture of it Saturday when I was taking pictures, but I did get one of what I've done so far on Lynton. As you can see, I'm working on the sleeves, both at the same time. I'm to the point of decreasing now, although in this picture I wasn't quite that far. I tried to get a picture of what it should look like, but that's not looking so good. So there's a better pictures. As you can see I'm doing mine in a green color, I think it's called Jute. The Cotton Jeans yarn is very lovely to work with. I think I've said this, but my goal is to be able to wear it at ASG in Louisville this year. Yes, that's in October, and yes I realize that. Hence why I work on it more then just on Wednesdays and Fridays. I've also been working on it when I'm sitting in bed trying to get sleepy. Working out well I think. I'm also planning on this being what I take with me during football trips this year. I'm hoping that the drive over and back will give me some time to knit, that's if I ride over with my friend Selena. We'll see how quickly the other parts come along.

Thursday I stitch again. Thursdays on Legacy UFO/WIP group is for...well UFO and WIP finishing. I've picked Traditional Elegance II to concentrate on. That's a picture of it with all the bands I've finished and the one I'm working on now. And a close up of the current band. The yellow flowers that are completely finished are honeysuckle. I love this very stylized band. I don't have any Japan thread in gold, so I'm going to have to order that to be able to finish. But I'll keep working on what I can without it.

As I said, Friday's I knit. Saturday I either knit or stitch. Kind of depends on what I feel like doing. This week I did a bit of both. Worked on Eliza, Lynton and stitched on something, but don't remember what.

Sunday I've been devoting to working on my Halloween Fairy. She's coming along very nicely. This picture was taken on Saturday, so it doesn't show what I did yesterday. I'll have to take another picture. I've actually finished the bottom part of that wing and gotten the "eyes" done on the top portion. She looks very striking on the pumpkin fabric.

Well, that's all I have to show today. I'm still taking it kind of easy this week. The weather has gotten a little cooler, and we did get a little rain which has helped some. I know there are a lot of people who have been dealing with flooding and also fires. I've been worried that if we don't get some good soaking rains, we might end up with fires around here. That can be very scary. We had to evacuate a few years ago because of a fire in our area. Hopefully the weather will even out and everyone will stay safe.
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  1. Mindi Says:

    Halloween Fairy looks great. My poor version hasn't been touched in over a month. Maybe next month...

  2. Heather Says:

    Great progress pics!! And I doubt the surprise is for me...I'm still wrapped in my beautiful shawl...and still getting compliments on it. =)

  3. Everything looks absolutely wonderful! Can't wait to see stuff at ASG.

  4. Karoline Says:

    Your wips are looking lovely

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