Nothing to show, although I have actually accomplished a bit lately. Today was a tough day at work. The company where I've been working as a contractor started laying off people in N. & S. America. That includes where I happen to work. Needless to say it wasn't a very fun day. It is nice that the company has arranged for a placement service to work with those who are being let go, including resume services. In the area I work in most, if not all, are technical people, so hopefully they won't go long without finding a job. I hope so.

But back to more enjoyable things, like knitting and stitching and all those fun things.

I've been working on Little Green Acorns and have almost finished what looks like the last large row. It's all blackwork and very prettily done in 3 different colors. I thought I would work on it today, but then realized I really do need to work on the square of Great American Aran Afghan that I'm teaching Saturday. So, I started that tonight. I didn't feel like doing too much this evening. Just sitting and knitting was about all I could manage. Other then that, I've also been working on my dad's sock. The goal is to finish it by the end of the month. Sounds and feels do-able.

Reading wise I've kind of fallen off. Been trying to get a chapter a day, but haven't quite made it. Still there is forward progress.

That about covers it. Hope everyone has a great Wednesday!
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  1. Ceramix Says:

    Please keep us posted on the job situation. x

  2. Jackie Says:

    You know...I've never seen any of your stitching and I would love to!

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