Ok, I admit it. I may be slightly addicted to Facebook. There, I've said it. Now I can move on and enjoy things. It is good though. I've connected with a few cousins, a niece & nephew, a very dear friend who I managed to loose contact with for a few years. So, it's not all bad. At least that's what I keep telling myself.

What's bad are the applications. Yep, those can be bad. Things like trying to hatch an egg, or the pet that someone sent me that I've neglected again. I know, that's cruel, but it's not a real dog and let's face it, this may be why I don't have a real dog. Although when I did have a real dog, he had a great life and never wanted for anything. But you get the idea. There are some good applications. The Family Tree thing is kind of cool. Would be better if I knew more of my family was connected some how. I really like the map that shows all the places I've been. Need to go to some more places so it will get fuller!

I'm finally sleepy, so have a great Tuesday!
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