Christmas Day has come and gone, but the season continues for a few more days. Hey, haven't you sang that song at least a billion times? So, to catch you up on the decorating this year I bring you some eye candy.
First the spiral trees. For Christmases past these have been filled with houses from my Dickens Village collection. This year they were all alone and just pretty with the white lights. Interestingly everyone ohh'd over them.
Next the mantle. Again, it's very minimalist this year without all the flowers and birds and such. I liked it though so that's all that counts. I did add a little spice with the wreaths from a couple of years ago.
A view of the kitchen with the goodies ready for friends to arrive on Christmas Eve. Even that was a little smaller then normal, but still we had fun and enjoyed having something before we headed to church for the 11PM service.

Christmas Day we went to church to have dinner and found a surprise in the form of friends.That's Frank and Angie who moved away a few years ago to TX for Frank's work. It didn't hurt that Frank's a "Texas boy" either. Now they are moving again, just not as far this time. They've bought 25 acres and will build a "small" house and be able to keep their horses and maybe even a few cows. I voted for alpacas, but I'm not sure they were convinced.

That evening we took a drive to St. Augustine to look at the lights. St. A is one of my favorite places and I haven't been in way too long. I really need to go down on a Saturday and just walk around, maybe do a little shopping and have dinner in one of the many great restaurants.

Yesterday I went to my DF Melody's house for some lunch and a little stitching. I decided to work on "Little Green Acorns" and see if I can't get that finished. It's such a beautiful piece and I would love to have it finished and framed. (Not that I don't have a few others that need some framing done mind you. I really do need to go pick some frames out and get them done one at a time and get caught up.)

Today wasn't such a good day. I woke up with a terrible headache and it's taken most of the day for it to go away. I'm ready now to do a little more stitching and then get things ready for work tomorrow. Another short week, which is nice, and then it's off to Savannah for New Year's Eve!
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  1. Decorations are beautimous, as usual!

  2. Ria Says:

    I love those trees! Great new look 4 your blog.


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