My very dear and wonderful mother was born! That's right my mom, a.k.a. Barbar and Barbie-doll was born several years ago. I could tell you how long ago, but those that know her wouldn't believe me if I did. She neither looks nor acts her age as seen in the photo above. That's not a bad thing at all. I know that I'm very blessed to not only have a great mother (and father but his birthday isn't until June), but to also have a wonderful relationship with her. We even like to do things together and can usually have a good time and find the fun in most everything. She's been wanting to see Enchanted so this afternoon we went to the theater to see it, my dad even went. It was fun and we all enjoyed it. I'm glad she enjoyed it and I'm glad she's still here to laugh with over silly things.

Enough of that, I'm making myself a bit, well, weepy.

I think I've mentioned that I've been doing some secret stitching. I still can't show you what it is but the recipient is aware I'm doing something for her since her birthday came and went a couple of days ago and I'm still not through with this piece. It's not like I haven't had plenty of time. It's more like my stitching ADD keeps striking with a vengeance. But so far this month that's the only thing I've stitched on. I keep thinking I'm in the home stretch. But I can tell it will take a few more nights of solid TV watching to get through. Normally I would be going to my favorite yarn store (KnitWitz for those who haven't figured that out yet) tomorrow night for the Fri. night knit-in. However, my dad has a doctor's appointment with one of his specialists and I really need to go with him to hear what this doctor has to say. Otherwise, we really won't know because my dad is notorious for not telling us EVERYTHING. By the time I finished with that and took him back home it will be too late for me to head over to KnitWitz, so I'm planning an all out blitz with this secret project. I would be so excited if I finished by Sunday since that's my monthly Sampler Guild meeting. I could take it, show my first finish of the year to everyone and then pop it in the mail on Monday. (Ok, stop laughing...a girl can dream and who knows, it could happen. Really!)

I can't believe it's the 10th and I've barely posted at all this month. I had such high hopes. I haven't seemed to have much to say, which I know is highly unusual. I did download my pictures from New Year's Eve and none of them turned out. I was not happy. Apparently I had my camera set on one of the odd settings so everything is just a little weird. This is the only picture that looks halfway decent.
That's the very talented Chris. He not only plays those drums, and plays them as well as ANYONE I've ever heard, he does a fair job on the piano and I've seen him pick up his dad's guitar a time or two and the sounds weren't exactly painful to the ears. He currently is employed by the Savannah Theater as their drummer/percussionist. For the next show I believe he's also the Musical Director. I'm very proud of him and was really glad I got to go up and see the show. I hope to be able to go up to see the next show they are doing. If you're in the area I would recommend you get tickets for any show they are doing. The cast is extremely talented. (Don't necessarily go by what the website says about ticket availability. Call for tickets, that's my suggestion straight from Chris.) Oh, and just to prove my other pictures weren't that good here's one from dinner before the show.That's Chris again with his lovely, and talented mother who's also my friend, Lynn. The blurry man in the red shirt behind Lynn is Donald, Lynn's husband and therefore Chris' father. If you could see him you would see the major family resemblance. And in my defense, I had not yet been "over-served", I apparently just didn't look at my camera and note the setting. I think it was on something like "museum" which is great, but only if you have a steady surface to set you camera on or a bit more light then was in the pub.

One more thing, my talented young friend is single, so if you are in the correct age demographic and live in the area, well, now you know.
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