This week's SBQ question is:

What was your favorite finish of 2007?

I guess Jasmine & Sapphires by Indigo Rose would be my favorite finish of 2007. I haven't had it framed yet, but it's on my list to get done as soon as I have some extra cash laying around for the perfect frame, or I go back to Atlanta and find the perfect frame at the wonderful frame shop my DF Vicky took us to this summer.

In other news: Daddy's trip to the doctor's today yielded good news, actually great news. They took chest x-ray's and apparently the fluid that has been hanging around in his lungs (and here the doctor used some fancy medical term that I can't remember nor would I have any chance of spelling) is gone. That's right GONE!!! This is great news. In addition he said that the fluid around his heart is much less and that the heart looks much better, it's still enlarged, but the fluid around it is gone so he should be able to do more and feel better, which Daddy says is true. We really like this doctor, he's a very nice man, plus he trained at the Osteopathic school that my mother's childhood doctor helped to found. There's something to be said for a D.O., they take time to talk and listen and look. He always wants to see Daddy's ankles and was happy he had actual ankles and not "cankles". (Do you know what cankles are? That's what you get when your ankles are so swollen from fluid retention that they meet your calves. So a "well turned ankle" isn't just pretty, it's healthy. )

We didn't make it out in time to go to the used book store. Maybe tomorrow. If Daddy feels like it he's going to go with me to meet my youngest niece and her boyfriend to look at a house they are thinking of purchasing. (I'm not all for this idea of purchasing property with someone you don't have a legal relationship with - and yes, I mean married to here - but I will go look and let her know what I think.) Hopefully he'll feel like going, since he's been in and around construction for as many years as I've been alive, or close to that many at least. But if not, I'll go lend my knowledge base to the endeavor.

Final note is about the secret stitching. I was really excited tonight. I finished everything but about 1 1/2 sides of the border. Then I realized that one whole side of the border was off by 1 thread. ONE THREAD! How did I not notice this until now? By the time I figured out what was wrong it was too late to do much tonight. I've got enough floss, so I can just cut out what I've done and start over. Considering how fast that border went I think I should finish tomorrow some time. I'm planning on watching the Jaguars and the Patriot's game tomorrow night. I need something easy to work on. My plan is to have the secret stitching done by kick-off tomorrow at 8 PM (eastern) and be knitting on an easy felted bag I need to get done. Mindless knitting in a circle should be just the ticket to being able to watch the game and not go crazy, or eat the entire time. (Oh, and I'm rooting for the Jags since they are considered my hometown team. Plus I like the QB we have now.)

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!
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  1. Sally Says:

    I can see why that is your favourite finish of 2007. It is beautiful.

    SO pleased to hear your Dad is doing much better.

  2. Karoline Says:

    I'm so pleased that your father's doing better.

    Jasmine and Sapphires is gorgeous, I'm not surprised it's your favorite.

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