It seems like last week I really didn't have an evening at home. Ok, I stayed home Friday night, but that wasn't on purpose, I lost track of time. If I'd paid more attention I would have gone to knit at my favorite LYS. But tonight, tonight was on purpose and it was nice.

I didn't do much. Didn't cook. Didn't stitch either, even though it's Ornament Tuesday. Nope, I picked up some knitting that I haven't worked on in a long time. I actually picked it up for an hour yesterday, but that didn't get me much further then I was. For some reason I've been hearing the call of Print o'the Waves. I love that pattern and I love the yarn I'm using. So I managed to get some more done on it. I'm working on the second half and have 2 full repeats done now and am almost finished with the third. Too late to take a picture, but it really just looks like the first half.

Also almost through reading Northanger Abbey. It's a fun book. Speaking of books...yesterday my father had an appointment with his cardiologist. Fairly good news, but he wants his blood pressure down further so he upped some medicine and ordered an echo-cardiogram to see how the leak in the valve he has is doing. That will be in Feb. since he wants the new medicine dose to have some time to work. Anyway, afterwards we had to go pay a bill at the mall and decided to walk around some, grab some late lunch/early dinner, and then headed to Books-A-Million. That's when the fun began. Of course I didn't come out empty handed. I've been wanting to read one of Tasha Alexander's books so got her first one. I love the clearance section there. I found a book that just sounds like fun, Waltzing at the Piggly Wiggly bay Robert Dalby. I'm a southern girl and we get Piggly Wiggly's. Honestly, what southern girl could pass that book up? I'll let you know what I think of it when I get it read. It may be awhile though so be patient. According to my GoodReads.com "to-read" shelf I have a total of 37 books on my shelf to read. That not counting the ones I want to read but haven't acquired as of yet. The other interesting book I found was one entitled Harriette Wilson's Memoirs. Harriette was a courtesan in 19th century London. When she reached middle age she proceeded to blackmail her past patrons to earn some money. If they paid she wouldn't put them in her memoirs, if they didn't she would. Thankfully they didn't all pay up. Should be interesting. I have to finish the current non-fiction book I'm reading, then I need to read the one on Bloody Mary I have and then I'll be able to read the memoirs. I would jump them ahead, but I borrowed the other book and want to get it back to the person before they think I've forgotten I have it. If you're on GoodReads I'd love to be your friend. Off to read and get some sleep. Hope everyone is having a great week so far!
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  1. Heather Says:

    Oh yeah...so many books, so little time!!!! Those sound great; can't wait to see what you think of them.

  2. Pooh. The last Piggly Wigglys in Rome have closed down. I loved going to The Pig.

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