There really isn't all that much to report, but I feel the need to catch up on some things.

Friday evening brought rain which lasted until late on Saturday. This is a good thing. I live in NE Florida not so very far from the fires in FL and GA. We've been craving rain and the all night all day kind is the best. Things that had begun to turn brown have started to turn green again. I'll take all the rain we can get, we're still dry and the fire danger is still high.

Friday evening also brought some fun at KnitWitz. I didn't get any stitching done, but I did have a good time helping a nice lady learn the stitches necessary to work on some light blankets for her grandson and other assorted babies in her family. Then it was off to a meeting of "The Girls Club" where there was food, sangria and a movie, not to mention good company. Got to show off the current state of Eliza and of my HP Sock for my secret pal. My friend Joan is a knitter from way back and was very pleased with my sock knitting. I'm trying to get her to come and knit with us on Friday nights, but she's currently working on a quilt. Maybe in the fall.

Since it rained all day Sat. Plan "A" - cleaning the gutters, was scrapped in favor of Plan "B" - cleaning out the closet and packing "winter" clothes away. Yes, I'm aware it's June, and I live in Florida, but I've been busy. The packing away hasn't quite been finished and now the race is on. My aunt and uncle will be here either Thursday or Friday, so all the clothes I piled in the spare room HAVE to get packed away in order for them to have a place to actually sleep. I think the hardest part is over, so just need to fold some things and put them in the correct "bins" and then hide them back under my bed for another 5 or 6 months.

Sunday was the normal hectic morning and afternoon trying to recover. Took a wonderful nap, worked some more on packing away clothes, ate and watched "The Holiday". Cute movie, nothing spectacular, but nice mindless fun. I actually liked Jack Black in this, which surprised me. Worked some more on the aforementioned HP exchange sock. I promise, a picture soon.

Today has been hectic, which reminds me, I have work that needs to be finished. Especially since company is coming this week. Want to be able to play some while they're here.
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