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I'm sure you've all be wondering how the remodel has gone. I'm happy to announce it's pretty much completed, as you can see in the pictures I've posted. The first shows the island with the new cooktop and new set of bookcases at the end to house at least some of my cookbook
s. Also, that black blob beside the cream colored refrigerator, that's the new double, wall ovens! They are fantastic!

The view towards the new sink. Love the new sink! It's one of those that has a small side that's not as deep and then a big side that's really deep. See....

I like that it's all one piece with the countertop, so it makes it very easy to clean. Had a hard time finding what we wanted for the faucet, but like what we finally decided on. Now to figure out what to do about the backsplash. As you can see, it's not been done yet.

With the backsplash to be decided on, we also have to figure out what to do with the wood parts that are new. Do we try to match the current stain? or Do we decide to paint it something that will go with the rest of the kitchen? My aunt suggested we paint, she said a lot of what they are seeing in the magazines shows that look of paint mixed with stain. It's under discussion. I also want to change the hardware on the doors and drawers. Found something we all liked, so that may be coming soon. And, the more I look at it, the more I realize we'll have to change the wall color a little. I'm thinking it can be done with a glaze or some other paint treatment. I'll work on that later though.

In other news...I finished the 3rd of the 4 ornaments I'm stitching for the ornament exchange. I love the way this one looks, even if it does have TONS of the dreaded RG silver and gold braid. I don't like the way it was finished in the magazine, so I'm going to do something different, just not sure what. Have too much to do now to think about finishing. I'm taking it with me to Atlanta next month, and if I haven't finished it by then, it might get left with the master, a.k.a Vickie B., for her to work her magic.

Very little knitting going on. I'm working almost exclusively on the HP Socks for the HP Exchange. Almost finished with sock 1! Now, I'm sure some are wondering if I'll finish the 2nd in time. Oh yeah of little faith. Of course I will. I'm a deadline person. It will happen. My plan right now is to only take the HP socks and orny 4 (the "surprise" orny) with me when I fly up to WV for a family reunion later this week. Can't really stitch at the reunion, but knitting will work. So there's plane time, car time and reunion time to knit! I foresee great progress.

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  1. Heather Says:

    The ornament looks lovely!! Which one do you have left to do?? (oh, yeah, the kitchen looks great, too, LOL!) Wish I had the built-in sink...I'm already dreading cleaning my new one.

    Have fun at the reunion.

  2. Judy Says:

    Can't believe the remodel was done so quick! Looks fabulous and congrats on your ornies too.

  3. Rebecca Says:

    Your remodeled kitchen looks wonderful. You will love having a double oven, I miss mine. And the sink is pretty cool..the faucet is nice and high so you can put a large pan under it. Very nice.

    You are not the only one still working on HP socks. I ended up with two pals and have not started my socks for the second pal yet!

  4. Grant Says:

    So there'll be no stopping the Domestic Goddess now..? LOL

    Enjoy your trip away, hope you have fun.

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