Today was one of those days in my part of FL where you begin to think about what summer means. The temperature made it's way to around the 92 degree range. (For those of you who are in Europe, that's closing in on 33.) But the best part is the humidity. Today it was fairly low, from what I can tell in the low 40% range, so what it felt like, was just a few degrees over what the actual temp. was. This weekend they've said...they being the people on the news who attempt to predict the weather...that our temperatures will hover around the same, maybe a few degrees hotter, but that the heat index will ease into triple digits. Yes folks, it will feel like at least 100, and with that, we will know that even though the calendar says it's Spring, Summer has arrived.

On the home front, my aunt & uncle are headed down here to bring the new kitchen cabinet tops. I'll be posting pictures of what it looks like now, hopefully some of the in action look, and then the finished product. Stay tuned.

On the knitting and stitching front, there isn't much to report. I did work on my HP sock exchange sock Monday when I went with Mom to the doctor. Stitching wise I managed to work on ornament #3 a little. Tonight, if I can manage, I'm going to pull out a project for "Jumpin' Jehosephat" month. I'll take a picture when I decide what to work on. It's probably going to be one of Martina's projects that are wallowing...I mean waiting patiently in my stash box/shelf.

All in all, an interesting, if not hot day.
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