This morning it started. Well, it really started last night when we had to remove most of the drawers and most everything off the counter tops and even more stuff out of a cabinet that would be going away. As I type it's already gone. So last night, this is what the kitchen basically looked like. The head you see is my mother. As you can see, we had already removed some of the drawer, but you get the idea. I've always loved these cabinets. Hard to tell from the photo, but they are made with knotty pine and then stained a very light color. The floor tile is a light grey, and yes, the wall is a very pretty teal green. Note the mess of cookbooks at the end of the island, some of which are in a milk crate I had in my dorm room as a freshman...many, many years ago.

This morning the work began. My uncle tackled the island area first. That's where
the stove was, and it had to come out first. Wasn't as hard as it could have been. That left a fairly large hole. He came with a new front for that, and it has a drawer at the bottom and a nice tall shelf above (or below the new cook top, depending on your perspective.)(A picture of the work in progress, no stove no drawers, no top.) We'll cut down the doors from the shelf area below where the microwave is in the picture above. (hint: it's to the right of the 'fridge.) Then the new top went on and the hole for the cook top was cut. After all that, it was finally time to put the cook top in. The last step to the island was to add new shelves for some of my cookbook collection. Like he said, it won't hold them all, but it will help some. I'm just happy to get rid of the milk crate! Can you see the shiny new glass cook top? It's so pretty! What you can't tell from this picture is that the counter top has black and white speckles, so that black looks fantastic. It also looks like it's a lot greener then the wall, and yet in person it's not really, they are actually quite similar. Odd...

This was fairly late in the afternoon. The man is my wonderful Uncle Jim, cabinet builder extraordinaire! He's the mastermind behind the entire kitchen, since he's the one that originally made them and is not putting on the new tops. He has a custom cabinet business in WV where he, his sons, and a grandson or 2 work and create beautiful kitchens for people. It's all from hand, all made at their shop. An art form to be appreciated, which our family does.

Things finally got wound up for the day around 6 PM. We have a slight problem with the wall ovens, electrical. But since it's all run through the attic, we decided to go back to it fresh in the morning. Needless to say, the guy who was having to go up in the attic, my employee Ronnie, was mighty happy not to have to go back up there today. It's pretty hot what with the temperatures being in the 90's today. Notice that the 'fridge had to be pulled out, and it was just left that way. So, it actually looks worse now, then earlier today. Not to mention that all kinds of tools are on top of the island. Oh well, it will look better tomorrow night...I hope.

Speaking of tomorrow...have to go early and find a faucet for the sink. Went to the "Big Orange Home Improvement Store" this afternoon and found one we liked, (we being me, mom & my Aunt Nora, and yes, it takes all 3 of us to pick something out!). The problem is, they didn't have it in stock, nor did any of the other stores in the surrounding area. They could order it, but it would take 7 - 21 days to receive it. Not helpful when the new top goes on tomorrow and the holes have to be drilled for the new faucet then, and I know I don't want what we have now. So, tomorrow morning we will be trudging to the "Big Blue Home Improvement Store" to see what they have. We may also make a trip to one of the local plumbing supply places in Orange Park (hopefully they are open on Saturdays). Wish me luck!

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  1. Heather Says:

    It looks great so far!!! I think I would have paid for your relatives to come up and do my counters if I'd known how they were going to turn out!

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