I have no idea how that happened. I mean, really May just started and yet I find that it is officially June. I've tried 3 times to post this week and each time work got in the way. Stupid work, gets in the way of lots of things like blogging and knitting and stitching and well fun stuff.

I feel like I accomplished nothing last month, and in actual fact, I probably didn't. I met none of my stitching goals and barely worked on anything that was a class project. Ok, there was the small finish of one side of "the cube" as my friends and I call it. But that was it. Best not to dwell on these things.

Let's talk about the good things...like scoring new shoes that I love!Needed a new pair of black slip on sandals...hey I live in Florida! Found these Then I've been eyeing the cute ballet flats I've seen around but hadn't seen a pair I really liked until these. Found these while shopping with my friend Jill who was in town for the ACC Baseball Tournament (which our alma mater didn't win...and yes, we're sad). Always nice to find cute and comfortable shoes.

So, it's June and for those who've been following this month thing Heather (It's Geek to Me) and I have been doing that means "Jumpin' Jehoshaphat June" or "BIG project month". So for me that means pulling out some pieces I haven't worked on in awhile and even starting a new one. I will try to be better about posting and letting you see what I'm working on. I haven't decided which of the Martina pieces I've got started I plan on working on. They are both on my stitching shelf and both are crying out. Another piece that's cried a bit lately is a really old one and was supposed to be a SAL with some friends. Again, I'm leaving you in suspense...ok, really I'm not sure what's going to happen so I don't want to say I'll work on it then feel awful when I don't.

In answer to Brooke's question concerning the Eliza tank

Can you post and let us know how the length works out for ya?

Why yes I can and I will. I actually measured the back last night and realized I'd gone 1/2" past the 11 inches it calls for, so I'm going to do a bit of ripping tonight and then continue on. It's hard to tell where it's going to fall on me since you do the straps when you knit the front and then attach them to the back. So, we'll see, and I'll keep you updated. This is one I'm trying desperately to finish. If only so I can see where I might make changes. I may regret taking out the 1/2" later. Thinking I might want to leave it in, but not sure I have enough yarn to do that, so I'm going to play it safe on that. But I will update and show some pictures.

Hope everyone else had a more productive month then I did in May and here's hoping for some great finishes in June!

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  1. Heather Says:

    LOVE the black sandals!! Major congrats on finishing a cubie side...mine's still sitting here hoping I'll cubify it at some point. Hmmm...what's the BIG SAL?? Could it be...HS???

  2. Brooke Says:

    Love the silver flats! Thanks for the update on Eliza. Actually, I dug right in and have done about nine inches on the back of mine too. I am thinking of adding 1/2 or 1 inch to the length because I am not the exposed belly button type. Can't wait to see how it progresses!

  3. Grant Says:

    What is it about girls and shoes?

    It's not as if us guys go on about Xbox 360's, cars, beer or girls all the time is it? LOL

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