I'm not sure exactly where the week went, but I'm fairly sure I survived it. I've not felt on the "top of my game" this week, and I really meant to post more often, so this might be long, but bear with me, it might actually be interesting.

Let's see....Tuesday I actually stitched on the current ornament. This is good as I HAVE to get it finished as well as it's cousin "surprise ornament". I managed to get a picture of the current ornament, or as I've
started calling it, "3 of 4" (and yes I'm making a very vague reference to a certain sci-fi show that is well loved by many). I think this is called "Silver and Gold" so far it's just been a lot of gold. I need to remember that I don't really like working with the gold threads like this so much. Some here and there, very pretty. Large amounts over many stitches, also pretty, but very annoying to this particular stitcher. Yes, I've done all the things you're supposed to do, I've cut it in smaller then normal lengths. I've knotted it into my needle. I've waxed it. I've done it all. It doesn't really matter when you've got this much to deal with. It's still pretty and I'm sure that when I get it all finished I'll love it. Not to mention I'll be very glad that I offered to stitch it rather then receive it kitted to be stitched. In fact, that's precisely why I offered to stitch it. I know myself and this self would have waited until doomsday to do this even if she loved it without a deadline. So all this moaning aside, I'm very happy I'm doing it and truely can't wait to see it done.

I really haven't stitched on anything else, the rest of my time, when not workin
g or doing other such mundane tasks, has been taken up with knitting. I've been working on Eliza, the tank. I do love it. Love the color, love the yarn. Love how I think it will fit. Don't love that I seem to have lost one of the skeins of yarn. However, I have come up with a solution which will be revealed in due time. Right now I'm working on the back, so no need to worry and give it away. Giving you a small shot to see how it's coming along. It really is lovely to just knit and purl. Works well when watching baseball on TV. I was planning on working on this tonight at KnitWitz during knit in, but right now my stomach isn't cooperating with my and I've decided to stay in and sit in front of my own TV and knit away. I'll probably work on this some.

The other project I've been working on I don't have a picture of. It would be boring to show anyway as it's basically just a rectangle of stockinette stitch and reverse stockinette stitch. The real fun will happen when it's finished, felted and some finishing is done on it. I finished the larger of the 2 and am working on the smaller. The larger will be a needleroll for my straight needles, the smaller will either be for circulars or for dpn's. I'm leaning towards dpn's. They match a bag that I finished last year, but haven't put the handles on. Amazingly I don't have a picture of it either. How odd, was fairly sure I did. But, I will get one and add it later, so check back if you haven't seen it.

That pretty much sums up my week of needle arts. I am looking forward to this weekend. I'm planning on going to hang out with some other stitchers on Sunday. My friend Melody introduced me. I must decide what to take with me. They are mainly sampler people, so will probably take a sampler. I haven't worked on Blackwork Band at all this month so that's probably going in the bag, especially since it is both a class project and a UFO. (May being "May Memories" and devoted to class projects and UFO's.) Will have to see what else yells to be taken. Hopefully everyone will have a productive and fun weekend.

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  1. Tres kewl tank. Looking forward to seeing it modeled in person (you *will* have it finished by July, won't you?? No pressure. :) ).

  2. Brooke Says:

    I am just swatching for the Eliza tank. I am worried it's not going to be long enough, and I definitely don't want it cropped! Can you post and let us know how the length works out for ya? I'll be casting on later today.
    Happy Memorial Day!

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