This weekend's festivities really started 25 years ago when I went away to college. For some reason my roommate had not been set until very close to when we were to be at school for freshman orientation. All we were able to do is have a conversation on the phone. No exchange of pictures and letters. (I guess that doesn't happen in today's college world. Facebook has probably taken care of that!) So I had no idea what my roommate would look like. I just knew that her name was Maria, that she was from Lenoir, NC and that she had the most amazing southern accent. Oh, and that she wanted to be a teacher. She knew that my name is Teresa, that I was (and still am) from Middleburg, FL and that I wanted to be a lawyer. (Yes you read that right, I wanted to be a lawyer, a corporate lawyer to be exact.) So over the phone we discussed what each of us would bring to our dorm room. I had a mini fridge, she had a fan (we didn't have air conditioning in our dorm) and what colors we would get for our bedspreads.

We found out, fairly quickly if I'm not mistaken, that we were not all that much alike. Maria went home most weekends and I stayed to enjoy the fun that is college. After a semester of hearing how she just wasn't happy with her roommate, Maria's mother told her to get a single room, or learn to deal. Maria got a single room, right across from the room we had shared, and we became the best of friends. Because even though we couldn't live in the same room, we found out that we really did like each other. In fact, you could find us together a whole lot more when we weren't roommates anymore, then when we were.

At some point during the 3 years that I attended what was High Point College, and is now High Point University, we decided that should we ever get married I would be the "token white girl" in her wedding and she would be the "token sister" in mine. About a year ago she called in my promise and on Saturday I fulfilled my duties. It was a wonderful weekend and I got to meet more of Maria's family and friends. Seems some of us have a lot in common.

I'm going to post pictures of the weekend, but it's going to take some time to cover what went on. It's not like I just got there and there was a wedding! This was an event and there is a lot to report. Not to mention I took a side trip to our old stomping grounds at HPC/HPU and went on a tour of the campus. I needed the tour since I barely recognized the place there's been so much change.

I'll start with arriving in Greensboro on Wed., skipping the 3 hour layover in the Atlanta airport where I had a couple of interesting conversations with two different women. One who wanted to know about knitting socks (which I was doing to relieve my boredom) and the other who was beading to relieve hers. Back to Greensboro, I had arranged for a rental car and while at the counter decided that maybe I should get one of those cute little GPS deals to help me find my way around. It was one of the best decisions of the weekend! I ended up driving around in a PT Cruiser. My DF Heather has one, but I've never really ridden in hers. I actually liked it. I would have liked it more if the one I had came with cruise control, but oh well.

I was met by my DF Judy and we were off to her house and then to do some shopping and dinner.That's a picture of the front of her lovely home. It is just as beautiful inside. We didn't stick around too long. We were off to This & That to look at yarn, ok, I wanted to look at yarn. I found a cute pattern for a scarf and bought a skein of the suggested yarn since it was one I hadn't seen or worked with. No pictures of that, sorry. I managed to get to see the "old" store since on Sunday they moved to a new location.

After that we headed to Belk so I could pick up a gift for the wedding for my parents. Seemed easier to do it that way in the long run. Didn't take long and then we headed to the shoe department. That was kind of interesting since we found shoes, NASCAR shoes. I'd never seen NASCAR shoes for women. I have pictures of what we found on my phone, but can't seem to get them to download, but if you're interested in the current selection, head on over to see what is in this season for women. By then we needed nourishment and something to drink. As luck would have it DF Judy had made us reservations with some other friends for a Beer Dinner at Brixx. We enjoyed 4 courses and a different beer paired with each from Bell's Brewery. I actually liked a couple of the beers enough to want to know where I can buy them around here. I was also intrigued by the descriptions of some of the others.

That about covers Wednesday's activities. I'll have to continue with more tomorrow.
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Sounds like a good time! Can't wait to hear about the rest of the weekend!


  2. Well, I never. . . NASCAR shoes. Think you could only where those if you got limo-ed to one of the suites. I'm off to Daytona this weekend and I doubt that I would make it from the car to the bus at the park 'n ride in a pair of those - no less the walk in and up to Row 46 in the Sprint Cup Tower!!! Besides, you could have a really nice skein of cashmere, or maybe 2 for the price of those things. We must keep things in perspective! ha-ha!

  3. Note. She sent me the pics of the NASCAR shoes on my phone. They made a good test of my new contacts while I was in the optometrist's office. Of course, they made me want to gouge out my eyes, but I digress...

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