So, as most of you that read this on a semi-regular basis must know by now I belong to an online group called Ravelry. If you knit or crochet or spin or love yarn then you should join this group. Within this lovely online community are smaller "forums" groups of people who share interests. It's amazing how many different and diverse things we're all interested in. I mean everything from Dr. Who groupies who also knit or crochet, to groups for almost any university or college in the country to well, NASCAR. Yeah, NASCAR. The main group is called "go fast, knit left", and if you know anything about NASCAR you'd get the play on words. Yes, I belong to this group and the other group who are knitting or crocheting in order to send afghans to Victory Junction later this year.

So, in the "go fast, knit left" group today there was a link to a quiz to find out which driver you're like. Seems this is me...


Interesting. At least I thought it was. He's actually becoming one of my favorite drivers, more for what he does off the racetrack then on it. And let's face it, he's cute and single (yeah, he has a girlfriend but as mom says they ain't married they're still single!) and I think he could support me and my yarn/fiber/stitching obsessions. So he's kind of got a lot going for him.
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  1. So should I inform Carl that he's being replaced?? And should I buy you a lifetime supply of razors (considering that's one hairy man)?


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