Well at least some pictures, but not all of the pictures.

Let's start with this
These lilies crop up in our yard after it rains. Well, to be technical they crop up in some pots we have. They only bloom if it rains. You can water them with water from the well, and nothing will happen, but a few days after it rains, maybe even just a day after, they will bloom. They last a few days, then they're gone. Mom & I want to naturalize them in the back of the yard, but can't until we've done some other things. Aren't they pretty? My Great-aunt Grace always called them "rain lilies".

Then there's the flowers we bought from a catalog. They came as bare roots and my aunt laughed about us planting sticks. Well, this is what one of the sticks produced.It's a type of hibiscus. The company calls them Sub-Zero Mixed Hibiscus (Hibiscus moscheutos). The bloom is really big and so pretty. Although apparently they taste good too since something has been eating on it, even with the spraying that it's been getting.

In case you were wondering this is what it looked like when we'd gotten part of the backsplash taken apart.The yellow part is without Formica, just the board underneath. It's all done and now we have to go look for tile. Not something I'm looking forward to if I'm totally honest about it. Gotta say I actually like the shade of the board with the new Corian, so we may go with something close to that with some black accent tiles. Who knows though.

That's all for today. I'm tired from band practice and the heat. Plus today is my dad's birthday, so I should at least have a piece of birthday cake with him before the day is through.
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  1. Purty flowers!!!

    Wish Big Daddy a happy birthday from the Kennesaw crew!

  2. Jill Says:

    Happy Bday Big Daddy!! Hopefully I'll get to see some flowers in person when I visit.

  3. Karoline Says:

    Happy birthday to your Dad, you flowers are lovely

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