Seriously, where does it go? I know they say it goes faster when you get older, but it's getting a bit ridiculous lately. That means I probably have plenty to talk about on the blog and I promise to get to everything over the next few days to a week. But here are the highlights.

Planted some things, like tomatoes and flowers and such.There's been some knitting

and a cruise
Oh and some goodies received in the mail that apparently I only took a picture of this package from DF Jean:
There were 2 packages with yarn goodness from a raffle that I need to get a picture of for a future post.

So, all in all, busy time. Oh, and I'm again looking for a job, but I've had some calls, so that's good news. Hopefully the right job with come along.

But now I have to get ready to go to a "going home celebration", or as some people call it, a funeral. Ms Joy was a wonderful woman of God who it was my great pleasure to know. She and her husband, Paul, have been a great part of our church for several years now during the winters and for the last few years full time. She taught me a lot about how to live and how to survive in the middle of times of trial. I will miss her smile and laugh and her great stories that taught me more then anything. The last few years she's been very sick with her heart and other things. I can't wait to celebrate her life today with her family and friends. Sure there will be tears, but mostly because she won't be around to give us her wisdom and smile each week.

Until tomorrow...
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  1. Prayers for Ms Joy's family as they remember her and celebrate her life.

  2. woolwoman Says:

    Teresa - I'm so sorry to hear about the passing of a good friend - I hope you and your mom will have a very nice weekend - cherish her because - yes - our lives are gone in a flash. Hugs Mel

  3. Ceramix Says:

    There's a Julia Fordham song in there LOL...

  4. Ria Says:

    Ack! Must find out from Jean where she got those pants!! Must get those pants!!!

    My thoughts and prayers to your friends and Ms Joy's family today, it is difficult to lose someone you look up to that way.

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