It seems there is interest in my garden so today we return to the garden.
The constant rain since Sunday evening has done some good as you can see. The bell peppers are looking good.

The tomatoes aren't looking too shabby either.
These are a yellow variety that I'm trying for the first time.

I love Sweet 100's and mine are looking good as well.

I also planted two Japanese Eggplants. The flowers on these are just gorgeous.

From that comes something like this.

Hopefully the rain won't cause too many problems. A little sun would be nice.

I'm off to teach another of the GAAA (that's Great American Aran Afghan) class this morning. Went out yesterday to the Lowe's grand opening (don't look Ria!). It's a nice store and they did give us a box lunch for free. I was disappointed they didn't have any herbs. I want to add some to my little garden. They did have some interesting perienials that we'll probably go back and get once the rain stops and we can get them and put them in the ground. Some things I haven't seen and thought were so pretty.

That about covers it. Hope everyone has a great Saturday!
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  1. Ceramix Says:

    Eggplant...? In England that would be an Aubergine... LOL

    Seriously your plants look great and put many to shame. Have a fab Saturday yourself Teresa.

  2. Ria Says:

    Those veggies look great! I love japanese eggplant flowers. They are so pretty.

    I was going to build a simple contraption to do upside down tomatoes from out of pvc pipes and fittings for the deck.. But noooooo, Mr testosterone ( when nerd/geeks get hit with a shot of that stuff they are dangerous - need warning labels) got a hold of it and now there is a pile of 2x4's in my dining room. not even 2x3's. Wish me luck!

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