Before the cruise mom and I did some planting. We had a huge surprise this year when petunias started coming up in the wheelbarrow. I added some zinias and this is what it looked like when I finished planting. I love the cute little solar light I found at that huge store down the road.
This is what it looks like now! I had to move the little light to the front right side because it was totally lost in the petunias.
We also planted tomatoes, green peppers, Japanese eggplant and some herbs. I've always planted flowers with my veggies to help keep the bugs away. Nothing new there, my great-grandfather did too.
This is what they look like now. There's 2 types of tomatoes, the ones in the black planter are called "Brandy wine".
This is the other group at planting...
And now.
I think I ended up with 3 or 4 different types of tomatoes, including what my Aunt Grace always called "tommy toes" and a yellow variety. There are little tiny bell peppers on those plants and the eggplant have blooms that should bloom in the next day or two. So far everything looks healthy and are doing really well. Can't wait to have fresh tomatoes and some of that basil with some good mozzarella.
4 Responses
  1. Ria Says:

    Wow and I was thinking maybe this weekend would be safe to put the tomatoes outside.

  2. Ceramix Says:

    My, what green fingers you have...

  3. Jackie Says:

    There is nothing better than fresh herbs and veggies from the backyard. Wish I could talk my husband into a garden!

  4. Siobhan Says:

    Wow, YGG with that green thumb! Everything looks great. I love flowers & plants but do better with them inside--less bugs!

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