Wednesday already! I had such a great weekend, and the week has been good so far. Here's a little of what I've managed to accomplish.

1. I started working on finishing one of my ornaments. I've almost got it done. Hopefully tomorrow I can get it finished and then take a picture. There's more to this story, but I'll share that when I have a picture.

2. With some encouragement from a few of my friends, I designed this for my next Beginning Crochet class at KnitWitz.
Pisgah Yarn & Dyeing Co., Inc Peaches & Creme Solids (Teal Blue)

My goal was to design a small round bag that used only chain, single & double crochet along with slip stitch. Oh, and to only use a 2.5 ounce skein of Peaches & Creme. I managed to succeed, and there's about 1-2 yrds. of yarn left! It's called The Tulip Bag, since the stitch on the body is called Tulip stitch. Since I took this picture I made a chain stitch drawstring for the closure.

3. I finished the knitting on my small Universal Mitered Bag. I'm still working on the strap. Then I can felt it all and attach the strap.
Brown Sheep Nature Spun Worsted (black)
Rio De La Plata Twist (black/green/coral)
Rio De La Plata Wool (Autumn Leaf)

It's only large enough to hold a cell phone, ID and keys. I took this class back in Dec. from Annie Modesitt. I like how she taught us to use a formula so we could come up with the perfect sized bag for us. I can see using this for another bag, or 2. And for those who know me fairly well you're no doubt wondering about the choice of colors. Yes, they aren't my normal choice, but I really like the way it's turned out. The smattering of the green in the one yarn really does it for me.

4. I did some felting today. It was all small stuff, so I had to do it in the sink and on my hands. No pictures. Sorry.

5. FSU won their first game of the ACC baseball tournament this evening. Thanks to DF Jill, who was watching from her home in Atlanta, and DF Selena, who was sitting in the stands at the game, I was able to receive score updates while also running a meeting and then singing at band practice. They rock!

So, that's about it for today. If I do get to any of the baseball games this weekend I'm planning on working on my FSU socks. Especially if I'm watching them play!
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  1. oooh! Can your friend in the ATL who *just* learned how to crochet snarf the pattern for the pretty bag??? Puhleeeeze? (whine)

  2. Jill Says:

    The bag looks great - well both, but especially the class bag. The color is very nice. Go Noles!!!!

  3. So cool your Tulip bag!!! Go you! I love the mini-purse, too!

  4. Gryffinitter Says:

    I love both, but would really adore to have the pattern for your Tulip bag...(makes big Puppy Eyes...)

    Theresa, who does know how to crochet but who has not done so in a while

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