Sometimes it's nice to have a big brother. Especially if they do things like this...That's the lovely bouquet of flowers my brother Doug sent mom today. She was very coy about it this morning. I apparently slept through the delivery. So, when I woke up and came through to the kitchen she kept talking about "little round boys that love her". Ok, I hadn't had coffee yet and we were also talking about the Nationwide NASCAR race from last night were Tony Stewart, her driver of choice, won. I was a little confused. Then I walked out onto the sun porch and saw these.
The boy did good! (Just in case he happens to read this, yes, you did very good and she loves you very much.) (For those who know me and are now slightly confused, Doug is actually my half-brother, we share a father. He and I are the closest in age, but there's still a significant difference in our ages. Neither of my half-brothers lived with us while I was growing up, for any significant amount of time. Doug would be happy to tell you about me slamming the door in his face when he showed up one time when I was about 6 or 7. It is kind of a funny story.)

So, to all the mom's out there, have a great day. To those, like me who are the perpetual Aunt, have a great day too!
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  1. A happy Mother's Day to Barbar from all of us here!

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