Well, as I was reminded "guilt-free" can mean anything. So I really embraced the theme this month!

I managed to finish a surprise for my friend Jean's birthday (which she's probably tired or hearing about and not seeing but it's coming, I promise!) I also have been knitting a lot. I worked on the Lynton sweater and have to say it's closer to being done then it was 2 months ago. I've also been knitting on Print o'the Waves. I've been making it for my mother for at least 2 years. It's high time it was finished. You work this in2 parts, then graft them together then put on the border. I have one half completely finished and passed the mid-way point on the second half last night. If I can finish a repeat a day I should have it done in about 8 days I think. Seeing as that's an insane goal, I'll probably try to have that done in 2 weeks. Then I'll have to deal with the grafting. I think that may take some hand-holding at my LYS.

I've also restarted my "I Dreamed of Africa" socks. I'm into the leg pattern, so they will come along nicely now I think.

February last year was all about finishing. This year it's all about your favorite designer(s). I have several, but my all time favorite is Rae Iverson of Moss Creek Designs. I have almost everything she's ever designed and have several pieces that are WIPs and/or UFOs. In other words I have lots to choose from here. But she's not my only favorite. I've been blessed to take classes from some wonderful designers over the years and have to say that many of them have become "favorites". Ellen Chester, Catherine Theron, Sherri Jones (Patrick's Woods), Eileen Bennett...I really don't want to bore you here but I could go on. Plus there's the designers and companies that I just enjoy stitching or looking at for any number of reasons, Just Nan, Shepherd's Bush, Mirabilia, Needleprint...well you get the picture. My tastes are diverse to say the least. One of the things I discovered when I recently went through my stash is that I still like the things I bought 15 years ago. I may not have worked on them in that long, but I still like the designs and would enjoy finishing them and displaying them at some point.

So, how am I going to approach this month? Well right now I have no idea. I think I'm just going to see what yells. I know that a class piece from Catherine Theron has been doing some talking lately and Winter Garden Gate from Rae has been getting kind of loud as well. Wouldn't mind working on those two for awhile and see what I can accomplish. I'll keep you posted!
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  1. Funny.... I heard ornaments calling me this week. :) Amazing they could be heard over the screaming at the accounting software....

  2. Heidi Says:

    I am trying to really slow down and savor my projects more. Why do 101 projects quickly when I can slowly enjoy the one I am working on instead? I am also working on decorating projects and just redid a chair in my quilt studio. It was a great feeling to do that as it is a one day project unlike stitching Silent Sampler. :)

    It sounds like you are getting lots of knitting done!

    Hugs ~

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