I know, it looks like the top of a desk, and it is. And I know some of you are wondering why I would take a picture of the top of a desk. Because, you silly people, that's my desk and I'm here to tell you this is the cleanest you'll ever see it. At least it's the cleanest I've seen it in 6 years. That's about 3 hours worth of work I might add. And that small pile, that my dear people is nothing. That's a few thins that I haven't figured out how to deal with, but rest assured I will. You will notice there's not a picture of the desktop that runs the width of my office that's behind my desk. Oh no, that's not been touched yet. That's coming though. But first I must find a copy of my resume, or I have to write it from scratch. And now you know the reason for my clean desk, I've been on a hunt for a single piece of paper that is in my house somewhere and I'm fairly certain it is in this office. Daunting task, but I'm game. Tomorrow I'll spend some more time looking. Not long, since my goal is to have my resume re-written by Tuesday morning at the latest. (I was going to say Monday, but that's not at all reasonable.)

In other news, knitting related this time, I've discovered that I need 2 skeins of the yarn I'm using for the Water Bottle Sling. I think I only have one. I've got to look for that tomorrow, or maybe tonight, and make sure. If so, then my only hope is someone will be willing to sell me a single skein from their stash. Otherwise, I'll have to start over or do the strap in a solid color that matches. We'll have to see what I can manage to do. (Edit: - I actually did have 2 skeins of the yarn so I'm ok. Just a minor panic attack. Please return to your stitching/knitting/reading o' the blog.)

Tomorrow I go in search of 1/2 price chocolate!
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Congratulations on the found desktop. I'm currently looking for mine :)


  2. Ceramix Says:

    Ummm... what is that strange object that has obviously fallen through time and landed on your desk..? I think they used to call them "cassette tapes" LOL. I don't think kids today would recognise it.

    Or has it just been lost on your desk for several years?

  3. Congrats on the desktop! Now you can come lead an expedition to find mine...

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