Yep, in just a few short minutes it will be "Black Thursday" a.k.a. Valentine's Day. Being single, and not even dating someone, this is one of those holidays I could easily skip...if it weren't for all that chocolate in the stores. I'm just waiting for it to go on sale. Although there is a specific tin I want so I may have to break down and go purchase it tomorrow. For those with sweethearts, and you know who you are, enjoy the day with them for the rest of us.

So, I keep saying that I've actually finished a project, but won't show you any pictures. They are coming, but as a preview I'll show you this and let you try to figure out what all it might be. You should be able to see a full view by Saturday since I mailed it off today to my DF Jean. It's a late birthday present. I also mailed her another little surprise, which of course I can't show you because she is one of the 10 people that actually read this blog. I'm sure I'll know when she gets is and I promise I'll put up more pictures then.

Last night I planned to watch the Dog Show on TV. I did watch part, but didn't see who won best in show. I did start another knitting project, but this is for a gift, so I'm totally justified AND I'm using some yarn in my stash. Yarn I didn't even have listed on Ravelry.I'm probably going to shorten the strap, but otherwise I think it's kind of cool. The yarn is some Patons that I found I don't know where. I think I found it when I was last in VA for a family reunion. It'll be interesting to see how the pattern shows up. So far I've got the bottom done and have started the 2" of stockinette in the round. Mindless knitting is good.

Friday night I managed to find some more sock yarn to place in my stash.Let me first show you this lovely Sockina Cotton from Schoeller & Stahl. They don't name these colors, but it's pretty with cream, green, rose, a darker burgundy and some brownish color. I hear this yarn feels yummy, and since it's cotton I hope so. Have no idea what pattern I'll use, but I've got plenty to choose from.

Then there's the Jitterbug...
This stuff is additive. I'd love to be able to afford to make the "Swing" jacket from one of the Colinette books out of the colorway I bought, but right now that's a little beyond my budget. Let me just say that when I get a new job, and I have a paycheck or 2, I'm splurging on that bad boy! And if that isn't a reason to find a job, I seriously don't know what will motivate.

Well, now that you've been lulled by the pretty yarn I will leave you to your Black Thursday celebrations. Eat some dark chocolate for me!
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  1. Sally Says:

    Your new yarns look lovely. I haven't done any knitting for years!

    Looking forward to seeing your new finish:)

  2. ::patiently:: (well sort of) waiting for the mailman.... :)

  3. Jill Says:

    I completely empathize with your "Black Thursday" mood. Pretty yarn. I have some of the Sockina to make Nicholas' sweater with...but haven't started it. Your's looks very pretty. You could pile your stash on the floor and roll around in it tonight. :-) I've often had this thought.

  4. What about splurging for a wheel?

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