Seriously, it's crazy how fast this week has gone. I spent most of the weekend sitting on the couch feeling pretty sick. Thankfully not so sick that I couldn't knit or stitch while I wasn't sleeping.

Yes, I said stitch! It seems I've found the stitching mojo and it is all my DF Heather's fault. She finished this and I couldn't resist bringing mine out to work on. I actually made some progress on it this weekend and this is what the outside looked like when I picked it up on Friday.
And this is what I looks like as of this morning after I worked on it some again last night.
Pretty good if you ask me. I'm booking right along. Of course I haven't worked on it today since I spent most of the day at a doctor's office, running errands, in a meeting, church and then band practice. Oh, and I did some "work". (My use of quotes will have to be explained at a later date, this post is all about the stitching and the knitting.) The pattern is a class piece from Catherine Theron. If you click on over to Heather's blog (link above) you can see what it will probably look like finished. At least I hope it will look somewhat similar since we're using the same pattern. I also have the stitching done for the scissors fob. Just no picture of that yet and I've not done the finishing.

Speaking of knitting...I've been working on the re-knitting of my "I Dreamed of Africa" socks. I love this pattern and I love the yarn, especially now that I'm fairly certain they are going to fit when I get them finished. Here's what they look like so far.
Unfortunately this picture doesn't show the stitch to it's best advantage, but you get the idea of the colors. Really pretty.

That's all. But I'm happy with how things are going. I'm stitching and I'm knitting and I might even manage to accomplish something in the long run. I think I'm going to have to come up with a day or time or something to work on finishing at least once a month. I've got a stack of things to do and it seems to get bigger not smaller. I know I've complained bitterly about finishing in the past. It's not that I don't love the end result, it just gets in the way of doing actual stitching. But I'm resigned that it's a necessary evil and must be done so I can enjoy some of my pretties. Now to find and schedule a time.

I'm not going to think about that now though. I have yet another meeting at church tomorrow night. In case anyone is keeping count other then me, that's 4 nights in a row if you count Monday's which is really a class. I think that will almost take care of the month though. But tomorrow may just be the beginning of more meetings. Oh well, I didn't say no when asked so I only have myself to blame. I won't complain too much if we can get some things accomplished, emphasis on the "if".

to finish "Winter Garden Gate". I don't have an updated pictureWait, this is about stitching...oh, I know what I was going to post so I'll have it in writing. I want this is the last one I have.I may have actually done some more on this, but not certain. It's actually close to being finished so I'm going to bring it out to work on this month since it's from one of my favorite designers. I'll keep you posted.
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  1. Sally Says:

    Wow you have made fantastic progress on your WIP! It looks brilliant!

    Hope you're feleing better.

  2. Karoline Says:

    The Catherine Theron case is looking stunning, great progress

  3. Everything looks absolutely mahvelous, dahlink. Almost enough to make me get mine out. Almost. Alas, I have people annoying me to get their taxes done. If only I didn't need stash money.....

  4. Heather Says:

    WOW you are quick!!! Of course, I worked on mine in 15-minute increments on the way to work, so I have no idea how much progress I'd have made if I'd stitched on it for a night!! If I had it to do again, I might make my case a half-motif wider...my pocket is sitting right in the fold!

  5. Jill Says:

    Everything is beautiful! Glad that you found your stitching mojo. Now when are you coming to Atlanta?!

  6. Redhot Says:

    wow you're making me feel lazy! I love the stitch work you're doing. The more hobbies the better!

  7. Redhot Says:

    wow you're making me feel lazy! I love the stitch work you're doing. The more hobbies the better!

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