That's right, we have a snowman right here in north Florida! He may not look like any snowman you've ever seen, but just remember, he's going to be different since he's a southern boy/snowman.
He's all decked out and ready to have a good time with some bear friends. (On a whole other note I realize that on some level it's kind of sad that I have no children and that many bears. Plus there's some you can't see scattered around. So, yeah, I like bears...and rabbits...and the occasional penguin.)

Mom says he needs a name. I've been trying to think of something really interesting, but I'm tired so nothing is coming to mind. Feel free to make suggestions. If I choose your name, I'll send you a surprise (but it will take a little while to get it to you because first I have to make it so bear with me. No pun intended...I really am tired.)

He's sitting in the rocking chair my grandpa B. gave me right before he died. I was just a little girl, but he wanted me to have it. The chair was his mothers and she rocked all her children, then he got it and rocked his kids and me. I had to have the seat rewoven several years ago and was lucky to find a man here that could recreate the original fairly closely.

Today was a lot of clean-up work. Going through a room and picking up things, sweeping and dusting one last time. I have some pictures of the lighted pieces on my piano. I realize that in the real London these three pieces would not be this close, but work with me here, this is pretend.
Tonight was the children's play/musical at church. They did a fantastic job. My friend's daughter L. had a huge part, in fact, she was one of the main characters. She did a great job. She's only in the 1st grade and she had a lot of lines to memorize. I was very proud of her and all the kids. No pictures, since I completely forgot my camera.

Tomorrow I have to finish those small details and then put together the menu for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I keep trying to talk my family into having pizza on Christmas Day so I can stitch and knit all day, but I don't think they're buying it. Oh well, at least if we do turkey there'll be leftovers and some good soup at some point!
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  1. Sally Says:

    Lovey photos Teresa. It's lovely to see other people's decorations:) I love your snowman. I was thinking Frosty but maybe that's not right for a Florida snowman!

  2. Jill Says:

    I think that you should name your snowman Sonny. It's a homonym for what most Florida Christmases are - sunny. Plus a tribute to your favorite BBQ. And just a good southern name. My 2nd suggestion would be Jimbo - for FSU's hopefully brighter future!

  3. Kimber Says:

    I like the name Logan. Logan the Snowman!

    Hope you can have an easy menu! We are having boiled shrimp and some veggies on Christmas Day. Nice and simple!

  4. For a southern good ol boy snowman there's no other choice but Dale. And where's the #3 stuff that should be around him??

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I'm thinking Rocky for your snowguy ... commemorates the chair he sits in. ;o)

  6. Grant Says:

    Hmmmm (thinks hard)...

    How about Jack, as in Jack Frost? Could also be for Jacksonville...?

    BTW he looks great, whatever his name!

  7. cheri Says:

    This highly sought after snowman's name is surely:

    Mr. Dazzle FSU (pronounced "fisu")Sparkleman

    He is well known on the Northwest Coast of Florida, where he is often called, dapper, dazzling, and downright cute by all the gals and bears from the other side........ ( of the state that is )

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