Maybe not too random, but there are a few things I need to post about so I can get a little caught up with my blogging so this is my attempt.

1. I should have planned better and had a cute little something made for Andy & Christina's new baby when she arrived last Tuesday. It's not like I didn't know the baby was coming, nor had I not thought about it. For some reason though that hadn't actually translated into an actual item made. Since I made Cheri's baby a sweater set when she was born I felt that I should do something similar. Here's what I have so far.Quick picture taken on the sun porch this afternoon. I'm using a skein of Yarn Bee I had in my stash. I love the way the colors are looking, so perfect for a baby girl, plus it's really soft and not too heavy, which is perfect for FL weather. I started it last Thursday night and just have 13 more rows on the left side to complete then I can stitch it together. I think I'll try to make a cute little hat and maybe some booties if I have enough yarn.

2. My dad has to go Thursday to have his lens implants "fixed". He had cataract surgery in '04 and apparently the membrane that holds the lens in can get thick and cause some blurriness in vision. It's easily corrected with a little "zap" from the laser. The eye surgeon said he wanted to do it before he left for Christmas on the 23rd. Thursday fits that schedule. Sounds very easy, no drops, no eye patch, no special food or lack there-of.

3. I finished stitching another ornament! YEAH!It's called "No Square Santas". Sorry it's kind of blurry. I didn't like the one with flash and this is what happens when you take a picture with no flash and no tripod.

4. Speaking of tripods, I want one for Christmas. I'm hoping that's what I'll get. Actually I think if I could decide on one I could just get my mom to get it for me for Christmas. I don't want a huge one, I want one that folds up small and isn't heavy. Especially since it's for my digital camera. I think my friend Ann told me about one, but I can't remember what it was. Any suggestions are welcome.

5. Decorating continues. Today mom decided she had to put the tree up that she "lost". It's on the wall that leads out of our kitchen/eat-in/family room (it's all one huge room so it's hard to call it just one thing) and into the sun porch.I tried to take one without flash, but it was way too blurry. I'm going to try again with the ladder to stabilize my camera. You just have to see the way the lolly-pops glow. Yep, it's kind of got a kitchen/candy theme going.

I've been working putting out my collection of lighted houses. I have some pictures, but honestly it's still changing. But, I'll give you a preview of the finished product.This is actually just a portion, there's more on top of my piano and to the sides. And, this has changed somewhat. But you get the idea. I love putting these up. It's fun to "build a town". These are all somewhat based on Dicken's stories, or at least are meant to be from that era. My favorite accessory type piece of all time is the flower cart you can see at the front of the square area. I love that it's named "Doolittle Flowers"! Ok, so it's not exactly Dicken's but hey, that's just perfect.

6. I haven't been keeping my reading info on the side up to date. I just finished books 4 & 5 in the Women's Murder Club series by James Patterson and now I'm reading a book called "The Sign of the Book" by John Dunning. This is the 4th in a series and I've read one of the others. I need to find the first 3 and read them in order. I enjoyed the other in the series that I read and when I found this one for about $5 in hardback I couldn't pass it up. I'm looking forward to a few releases coming up in '08 of some new favorite authors.

Well that about does it. Must get some sleep so I can return to the trenches for another day.
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  1. Jill Says:

    I have the 6th in the Women's Murder Club...on my list to read very soon! I know which tripod you are talking about, but I can't think of the name of it either. I'll try to work on that subconsciously.

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