I've received a few comments concerning the infamous "cubie" or as it's really called "All Year Squared". Let me see if I can answer some of the questions.

This was a class a couple of years ago at A Stitchers' Gathering in Louisville, KY. The teacher was Betsy Morgan. This is still one of her teaching pieces and I happen to know, since she emailed me and told me, that she's planning on teaching this class in the near future, I just don't know where. If you would like her email address to contact her, either email me at "fsutemb (at) comcast (dot) com" (You know the drill on how to make that work for you).

I hope this helps those of you who have been hunting where you could purchase it. I think contacting Betsy and seeing if you could just purchase it from her would be your best option, unless you are near where she'll be teaching and can check out a class with her.
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  1. codi Says:

    Thank you for posting on your Blog that this is a teaching piece. I would truly appreciate it if you could e-mail me Ms. Morgan's address as I would like to see where she will be teaching or if she would sell a kit or pattern. Also, thanks for posting the great pictures of it in your online photo album. They just make me want to find this project even more.

    (I've tried 3 e-mails to you and they keep getting bounced, so may be trying to e-mail me might work. My e-mail is: "codi (at) borlaw (dot) net")

    Hope your having a wonderful Christmas season.

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