Chris over at Tot Hill Farms blog posed the question what is on your stitching bucket list quite awhile ago. Let's face it, we all have one. It would be really easy to say, "Finish all the pieces I took a class for" or "Complete everything in my stash (really, who thinks that's something that's doable?? have you seen my stash??). So here's what I decided on this week.

1. Finish at least one of the HUGE Chatelaine pieces I have in my stash. The two top contenders are "Misty Morning Vineyard" and "Tuscan Town". I have the most done on MMV so it might actually get finished.

2. Complete all 5 of Rae Iverson's Gate series. I have 2 completed and on my wall. I'm SO close to having Winter Garden Gate complete. See...

For those not familiar with this one I'm missing the mirror image of the assisi stag and some initials. (and a date to show when I actually finished it. Then I only have 2 more to do. 

3. "The Wind Blows" from The Scarlet Letter. I'm not sure exactly why I love this piece, but I do. I have to stitch it some day. I have the pattern, just need to college the rest of the goodies for it.

4. I want a "Noah" wall. I have several charts that are Noah, all that I love. I want to do them so I can have a whole wall of them with a picture of my maternal grandfather on that wall as well. (Yeah, his name was Noah and he was in the Navy, died in WWII, and finally I was born on his birthday.) 

5. Along those lines I've started an "alphabet wall", a "Quaker wall" and want an "A&E" wall. I have at least 1 of each so I've got a start, but I want more....MORE I say! Here's my current list for each wall:

Alphabet Wall
  • Stitchers Row (finished)
  • small prim hornbook (finished)
  • La-D-Da bunny (finished)
  • Illuminated Letters Sampler (Samplar Workes)
  • Poppy Maye Russell (Heartstring Samplery)
Quaker Wall
  • An Emblem of Love (finished)
  • Spring Quaker 
  • Mary Peacock
Noah Wall
  • The Flood
  • A Weeping and a Blessing (Barrick Samplers)
  • Noah's Stocking (Carriage House - but not as a stocking)
A&E Wall
  • HallowEden (finished)
  • Mary Corey (The Linen Sampler)
  • and here's where I get stuck I need some more in my stash. I welcome ideas from those of you who read this blog. (Hey Siobhan which other ones should I add? You've stitched so many great ones I trust your judgement.)
6. Visit the V&A and really spend some time looking at their collection. Maybe even come away with some ideas for a design of my own.

I'm sure there are other things on my list, although right now these are the ones that come to mind. If you look, that's a lot of stitching. Who knows if I'll manage to finish any or all of these, but it's a nice little list. Maybe I'll take a look at it once a year and see if it changes.
5 Responses
  1. krayolakris Says:

    We all need more walls for our needlework! You have a great collection already! YGG!

  2. Chris Says:

    I think this is a great list!

  3. Karen Says:

    That is quite a list! Looks like you will have some beautiful pieces adorning your walls one day.

    Happy stitching...

  4. Susan Says:

    Teresa, are we twins separated at birth? I also want to finish MMV (along with all the other Chatelaines I have in my stash) and to complete Rae Iverson's gate series. I've only finished Winter Garden Gate, though. Will have to spend some time pondering the rest of my bucket list.

  5. Karoline Says:

    Nice list, unfortunately the V&A have closed the textile study room for 'renovations' & last I heard haven't said when (or if :( ) it will reopen

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