Earlier this month I took a trip to Mesa, AZ with DF Heather and took the infamous Chocolat with Jackie du Pleissi. Much fun ensued. She introduced me to her friend Annette who is apparently my twin separated at birth! The three of us had a great time.

Now, if you want to see pictures and a really good recap of what I did you need to head over to Heather's blog and read the post. My camera decided to hide on my and I didn't have it on the trip. Plus Heather does a much better job of letting you know all the fun we had (and the food we managed to find to eat).

I will show you my stash enhancement. I'm not sure what kind of fumes Jean pumps into the store to make you go all weak and have no will power to resist the patterns, fabric and threads, but apparently I'm hyper-sensitive to it. Here's what I couldn't resist...
 Mary Corey with my own twist. 
Changed all but the alphabet color, and working over 1 on 40 ct.
 Some things off my wish list.
Changed the fabric but that's all.

And then Heather surprised me with the great project bag
Obviously it's perfect because it has bunnies! But that's not all. Inside was....
That would be fabric for Spring Quakers. I had the pattern and the threads. Now I just need to get some things out of my rotation, or not.

So that was my weekend in Mesa. I'm proud that I managed to blog about it in the same month. Next up the weekend in Atlanta taking Tony Minieri's class, Antique French Ribbons. Not too many pictures from that, but there is more stash!
6 Responses
  1. krayolakris Says:

    OK, we'll go with fumes...mystery fumes....Glad you had such a fun time!!

  2. Jackie Says:

    Great stash! I like the fabric and thread you've picked for Mary Corey.

  3. For the record, I'd like to note that the "Jean" mentioned was not me (since I'm so frequently accused of stash enabling).

  4. Chris Says:

    It looks like you had a great time and got some wonderful new things!

  5. Deborah Says:

    Wonderful new stash! Glad that you all had a great time.

  6. woolwoman Says:

    OMGosh - I'm reading backwards and I completely forgot about the stash enhancement from the Attic - to correct my last comment GF - you won't be able to afford to leave Clay County for the holidays - (just kidding with you !) Hugs Mel

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