Some of your know my DF Heather (or as many of us call her "The Magic That Is Heather") and her great blog. Some of you may also know that she and I spent the last weekend together in AZ (hey H you need to blog for us 'cuz you have the pictures!) and while we were there we not only stitched, ate and bought more stash, we spent some time talking about fun things. Heather mentioned she was thinking of resurrecting monthly themes like we have done in the past. I LOVED the idea and mentioned it would be fun to have some alliterations. (Not sure why but it sounded like fun to me.) We laughed, we talked, we laughed some more at some wild ideas of words that start with "J", and "O" and well a few other letters.

In the end Heather came up with a great list and you should head on over to her "Theme-a-licious" post from yesterday to read all about it...and sign up to join the fun.

And yes, I have already been planning what I could stitch for each of the themes. I love making lists. Plus the last time we did this I managed to get quite a few things finished and made some good progress on other items.

Camera should be here tomorrow. Until then I'm picture free.
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  1. Annette Says:

    My challenge is to weave in the themes with the WIPocalypse... decisions, decisions!

    So great to meet you! I do hope you come back to AZ :)

  2. Brigitte Says:

    There are definitely a couple of great ideas around on the blogs. Thanks for mentioning this one. I already signed up for the WIPocalypse and Crazy Challenge, so why not this one, too. Even if it will be a bit crowded, lol.

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