So, here's the deal. I've lost my camera. I went looking for it before I went to Arizona for Chocolat. Couldnt' find it. Figured I'd come home and "bam" there it would be right in front of me. Well, no "bam" no nothing. I'm at a complete loss. I've looked through all my bags, in my office, all over the house. NO CAMERA. I realize it's not that large so it could be hiding anywhere, but seriously? It's a nice Nikon point & shoot, about 2 years old. Takes fairly decent pictures. I really like it because it will fit in my purse and doesn't weigh a ton.

What's a girl to do?

Buy one of these is my answer.
Should be here by the weekend. Then maybe I'll have some pictures to share. And I'll probably find my sweet little camera as well.
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  1. Chris Says:

    I am looking forward to those pics :)

  2. oooOOOooooo... Very cool!!!

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